Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hit The Road Coke!

If you couldn't guess, I didn't go running last night. Isn't that always what happens when you put off your run? Pete just ended up having to work later than planned, then there wasn't time between that and his band practice. Go Curse of San Pedro!

Today, Elle is feeling sick again. She was asleep by the time I got home from dropping Ethan off at school, then she slept for the next 2 and a half hours. 

While she slept, my awesome friend, Ann, came over so I could go run. She brought her little 3-year-old boy who is also named Ethan. Elle calls him "The Little Ethan" or "The Tiny Ethan." It's pretty cute, and I'm sure she would have loved to play with him if she hadn't slept the whole time. It's probably better that they didn't play though, I wouldn't want to share germs.

I ran 5.6 miles. It was my first run outside since the marathon so I wasn't sure what to expect. I had almost forgotten what running outside was like, especially running in the city. I had my run all planned out, but I didn't realize how big the bridge over the train tracks was. Then I think I turned on the wrong street, or maybe google maps was wrong about there even being a street there, because I ended up stuck in the Gateway. I felt really out of place running through there. One lone runner amidst all the shoppers and people going out for lunch.

I kind of hoped I would chance to see Pete there because I know he does go there for lunch sometimes. But I had to just wave to him in my head as I ran past his building. 

Then I turned onto my second choice street for heading home, and just as I was getting to the train tracks, the gates started to close. I was really tempted to just run across really quick before the train got there, but I knew that was stupid. I ran up and down that block a few times just in case it was a short train, but it wasn't. I headed up to the next street that goes over the freeway. 

It was a little bit frightening crossing that bridge with so many cars coming from so many different directions, most of them strait from the freeway. Plus, when the big trucks drove by, the ground shook! A little scary, but I made it over, and back home in almost exactly an hour to find that Elle was still sleeping. How nice.

I downed a bottle of Recoverite as soon as I got back, then stretched and did some quick ab work and took a shower in time to pick Ethan up from school.

Thank you, Ann, for making this run possible!


  1. you be careful out there, miss amazing...

  2. Oh, I will. I'm always careful. Well, usually...