Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Playlist!

Today I followed pretty close to our regular schedule, other than leaving Pete in bed sleeping. Luckily Mindy and Pete were both better today (at least as far as the flu is concerned). I really hope no one else gets it! So I took Min to school then headed up to the gym with Ethan and Elle to deposit them in the daycare while I ran on the track. My training plan said:
R: 90 minutes long run, easy pace. RPE 3.
I am still not quite to 90 minutes, though, so I planned on doing 77 (remember the 10% rule?). Pete was like, "Do you think you can handle doing such an odd number?" Sure, no problem.

The cool thing was that for most of the time I was the fastest person on the track! Lets not think about the fact that the only other people on the track were old people or moms pushing strollers. I'm not trying to dis old people (or moms).  I know there are a lot of old people who are faster than me, but my grandma says that when I'm her age I'll be ready to slow down. I'm hoping that when I'm her age there will be fewer people in my age group and I'll finally be able to win! Yeah! 

I counted laps by holding the number of lap on my fingers. I probably looked a little bit silly doing this, like a hitch-hiker holding out my thumb whenever I was on lap 6. I saw several of the walkers using this method, but none of the runners. Maybe it wasn't too noticeable because I was going SO FAST!

I finally got new music on my ipod today too! I put all my favorite songs and songs I like to run to on and put it on shuffle. It was fun anticipating what the next song would be, and I loved all of them! Here is my playlist for today (I apologize for the repetitive use of the terms "Barenaked Ladies" and "New Pornographers." Neither is obscene as their names imply.):
  1. Seven Nation Army - White Stripes
  2. Dime - Cake
  3. Golden Years - David Bowie
  4. When I Fall - Barenaked Ladies
  5. Electric Version - New Pornographers 
  6. Resolve - Foo Fighters
  7. Failsafe - New Pornographers (This might be my favorite song right now)
  8. These Apples - Barenaked Ladies
  9. The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson (This will always we an awesome song)
  10. Until I Die - Ben Kweller (Such a great song, and Pete says it reminds him of me)
  11. Commissioning A Symphony in C - Cake
  12. Free Me - Foo Fighters
  13. DOA - Foo Fighters ("It's a shame we have to die my dear...")
  14. It's All Been Done - Barenaked Ladies (Being #1 lasted until about mile 5. Then the fast people arrived. I could tell they would be faster than me as soon as I saw them, and I started to really feel like a hitch-hiker. "Wait, take me with you!")
  15. Zoo Station - U2
  16. Pretty Pink Ribbon - Cake
  17. Take It Outside - Barenaked Ladies
  18. Under Pressure - David Bowie w/Queen
  19. Even Better Than The Real Thing - U2
  20. My Rights Versus Yours - New Pornographers (The song came on at the same time as a shot of endorphins and I felt like I was just grinning as I ran. It probably looked more like a grimace, though. I could seriously feel this nice warm energy run through my body, and I felt like I could run forever, and run faster. Endorphins are better than morphine because they don't make you itchy.)
  21. Vertigo - U2 (I got to 1:17 in the middle of this song. I started walking and kept telling myself that I didn't need to finish the song. That I was to my 77 and I wasn't going to push it any further. I made it about half a lap. Then I ran the song out, and did 2 more laps. It was awesome! I finished my 8th mile right on 80 minutes! YEAH! I guess Pete was right, I couldn't do such an odd number.)
Raise Your hand if you like any of these songs. I thought it was a great playlist, but running playlists are such a personal thing. I could just be in heaven for an hour and 20 minutes with this one, and you could still hate it. What songs do you like to run to?

This run was awesome! Seriously, I really enjoyed it! I am really tired and my legs are a little sore, but, man that was a fun run!

Oh, and guess who's going to Brain Regan in St. George! Me! I'm so excited! It's also the weekend of the St. George Tri (May 9th) so I figured I might as well do it while I'm down there even though I told myself I would never do that one again. Ug, what have I done!? It will be good, I wanted to get one "practice" race in before the Ironman. Any other takers? It's only $90 (gulp). Just go here to sign up, and we'll do it together! There's tons of time, about 2 months so get ready! :)

Hey, what's this little girl doing out of bed? Goodnight all!


  1. wowsa...up to 90 minutes! I haven't run a 10 km marathon in a while...that's like before kids. I don't think I'll ever have that sort of time again. All I can muster is 20 minutes and then I have to go to bed. Instead of distance, I'm just going to go for an increase in speed each time and maybe increase the incline on my treadmill to get a better workout. Good for you for going the distance! I don't even listen to music or anything. I just stare at that stupid treadmill display the whole time. So boring! But it's all I can do 'cause it's too late and though I'd rather run outside, it's not going to happen any time soon!

  2. Don't worry, someday your kids will sleep through the night, then you'll feel so invigorated in the morning....Well, I wish that were true for me, but maybe it could happen! :)

    I don't think I could do 90 minutes on a treadmill, that would be boring. And I used to only do 20 minutes, and back then, that was amazing for me! Just do what you can, as long as you're doing something it's better than nothing. (I know, I'm so good with words)

  3. i love this playlist Colleen, New Pornographers A.C.Newman was playing at a small club downtown Santa Barbara just this last fri nite, we had to miss (sad). I don't have many of these songs tho, just u2. I will have to get these(maybe next time i get a gift apple card!)
    i like to run to the strokes, no doubt, the sound track to frieda and mamma mia which just makes me laugh!

    i still think you are amazing...

    xxx lori