Friday, February 6, 2009

Update on Sabel

My sister, Sabel, gets to go home from the hospital today! The bad news is that her heart is in pretty bad shape. Three out of the four valves are leaking, causing lung pressure. Some of the valves are also too tight. This means that she will be having open heart surgery in a month or two. They say it is not an immediate concern, but that if it's not fixed, it could kill her.  Luckily, the doctors seem to know right what to do to fix her heart now, and they aren't too worried about it. She just needs to take it easy until the surgery. One of the things that Garison said about the doctors is that "they handle stuff like this all the time just with people 65+ years old."

If you're wondering why a 25 year old is having problems that are usually found in 65-year-olds, I think it's because when she was little she got Strep Throat, and they didn't find out about it before she got Rheumatic Fever from it and that damaged her heart. I remember her having to go to the doctor a lot and getting a lot of tests done. Then, afterwards, she was really weak for a long time. I really hope this open heart surgery fixes things for her.


  1. So glad to hear she's doing well enough to come home. As scary as surgery is, it's great that they know exactly what's wrong and what to do. She'll continue to be in our prayers.

  2. Thank you for your concern and for keeping Sabel in your prayers.

    Yes, it is scary, but we are very glad they finally know what's wrong.