Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Parts

Today I did an hour on the trainer. I decided that I really do need to get a new saddle because it was hurting so bad, I just wanted to cry after like 20 minutes! There's no way I'm going to be riding for 7 hours on that seat! You've got to be kidding me! As soon as I got off, I went and looked up tri bike saddles online. This, of course, helped me be late picking Ethan up from preschool. And I was late dropping him off because I was so busy cleaning the kitchen. His teacher must hate me! At least he's been going to school happily and enjoying it lately, though.

Back to saddles. It looks like there are several out there that people really like, but Pete says that it's such a personal thing that reading what other people think isn't really going to help me. We are going to try to go to a tri shop so I can try some out maybe this weekend. 

I had one of my wonderful readers ask me about my nutrition, so I'm going to start posting what I eat/drink during my workouts. Today, I just had a water bottle and one serving of Hammer Gel. Apple Cinnamon. Yummy! I ususally would just do power-aid for an hour-long workout, but since I didn't have any (I need to add that to my list...) I wanted a little more so I added the Hammer Gel. I need to be used to using the Hammer Gel every hour or so anyway. I probably didn't need it today, though. Afterwards, I also drank a little bit of Recoverite. Just half a bottle. Again, for an hour-long ride, I usually don't do that, but I'm trying to get into good habits.

I've got a new stem on order at Contender, but there aren't any of the smaller size in the 60mm so I'm getting a 70 mm. I hope it works out well. They're pretty cool over there, they said I can bring my bike in and they'll put something on for the time being so I can ride it until the part gets there. Pretty awesome. I might do that tomorrow because I really want to get out on Saturday, and it's pretty wobbly right now with the broken stem. Mike (The Fit Right guy) thought it was pretty crazy that Pete was riding on it like that!

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