Sunday, February 1, 2009

20 Weeks to Ironman!

Not even sore when I woke up this morning! Wahoo!

Today I taught the Young Women (girls 12-18) in church. I was so worried that the lesson was going to be terrible because I didn't look at the lesson until 8 or 9 last night, and the bulk of the lesson was to be from me getting a guest speaker. Well, I don't know very many people who I could call for that, and I didn't think I should call someone with such short notice so I just ended up looking up some conference talks. The lesson was "Finding Joy in Our Divine Potential." The speaker was supposed to talk about the joy of being a woman so I looked for things relating to that. Here are the talks I used:  

Now, I didn't read the entire talks to the girls, but I took some parts out of the first and second one, and paraphrased a little of the third. They are all really good, though, and I would recommend reading them if you have time.

The lesson actually ended up going really well. I cried practically the whole time because the Spirit was so strong. I let them all know how much I love each of them, and bore my testimony that I know Heavenly Father loves all of us, we are all his daughters, and that being a woman is something special and wonderful, no matter what our circumstances are. That we shouldn't just disregard the nurturing abilities we were born with. They are not a weakness. We are not weak, we are strong. 

I'm not very good at expressing how I feel, but the Spirit was there and it did the teaching. At the end I gave them time to stand and bear their testimonies, and several of them got up and bore their simple witnesses of the the Atonement and the Young Women's program in the Church.  

It was a wonderful meeting, and I just really felt I should share a little of it. Questions and comments are welcome, as always. :)


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