Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fun with the kids

Today the kids didn't have school again because of teacher conferences or something, and I thought we should probably do something fun today because we just stayed at home yesterday. 

When we dropped Pete off at work, we went to the library. The Main Library (Or so they call it.) here in Salt Lake is huge and it's a really cool building.  The children's section takes up most of the basement and they have several different "caves" where the kids can go in and play. They had a lot of fun, and we even picked out a few books. Here's a picture of the library (not mine):

The thing I hate about doing things downtown is that it's hard to find anywhere you don't have to pay for parking. You can park under the library for free, but only for half an hour. I tried to get the kids to come when it was time, but everything always takes forever. We had to check out our books, then I had to get Elle to come out of the little tunnel between the check-out desk and the area we were supposed to be in, then we had to get all the way back down to the car, and of course Elle wouldn't let me put her in her seat. By the time we got going, we were like 10 minutes over the half-hour limit, and I had to pay the whole $1.25 they charge for the next half hour. I almost said, "Ok, never mind, we're going back in for 20 minutes." But I figured we'd just be late again, and didn't want to go through the whole getting-in-the-car thing again.

On the way home the kids wanted to do something else like go to a museum or go get a treat. The problem with a museum was the whole parking issue again, and didn't want to pay for a treat either. I told them we'd make cookies when we got home, then maybe go swimming after my bike-ride. 

We made oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bars and they are half gone by now. I'm going to end up an accomplice in helping Shane win the contest he and Pete are having over who can loose the most body fat. Whoever looses has to buy the other one a climbing harness. 

My training plan says this for today:
B: 60 minutes, easy pedaling on mixed terrain, overall effort still low.
Warm up and cooldown 10:00 in low ring, spinning easy. Use big ring for middle 40.
I did my ride on the trainer so, obviously it wasn't on "mixed terrain," though that term really makes me itch to get riding outside! It was a nice workout, and I felt pretty comfortable. I'm going to keep wearing the tri shorts, they're definitely better for me. I just drank water since it was just for an hour. I'm kind of avoiding the Gatorade because I don't like it. I'm going to have to hunt down some of my lemon power-aid.

After my ride, I picked Pete up and dropped him off at home since he still had some work to do, then the kids and I headed up to the pool. We have a family pass there, and I kind of feel bad because I'm the only one using it. It's fun to go swimming for free! They have a really fun kid pool with a little playground and a lazy river and stuff.  We probably played for an hour, and they had so much fun. They did not want to leave when it was time.  

Another thing I love about this pool is that they have family dressing rooms complete with a shower, toilette, sink, baby changing platform, and a little platform for putting your stuff and your kids so they don't get wet (at least that's what I use it for). It was great fun, and we got home just in time for dinner (leftovers yeah!) and bed!  

I'm glad I got to have a fun day with the kids today. Sometimes I feel like I'm not giving them enough attention with the amount of time I'm starting to be away from them for training. Only 4 more months of this, though. I think we'll make it. :)


  1. Hey Colleen!!! You are super mom if there ever was one. Looks like you and your family are doing great. Just found your blog (and you so put me to shame... I run up my stairs to answer the phone and I am panting for breath... so bad!). Your kids are adorable (I checked out your family blog too!) I really can't believe how big they are getting. Glad to see all is going so well for you guys!

  2. That is quite amazing because here in India we have the same problems... number one we dont find parking space, two, we have to pay each time. Though it is not as steep as what you guys have to pay, it is quite a it by our standards. I like the way you write. keep it going..:)

  3. That is a model of the Salt Lake Library. Here are some photos:


  4. That's a model, really? Oops, I just googled it and that one looked cool. Guess I should be more careful next time!