Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"And let me Please remind you...

we can send a car to find you if you ever loose your way."

Today I decided I wasn't going to have time to do both my long run and swim, so Pete suggested I do the long run. Here is what my run schedule says:
R: 90 minute long run, easy pace. Strides begin at the 40 minute mark. Just like Monday, go for 20 seconds, then return to normal pace. Repeat every 5 minutes until run is finished. Stretch well!
Pete also suggested that I do 70 minutes instead of the 90 because I'm not quite ready for 90. Going from 60 to 70 minutes even breaks the 10% rule, but not by much (only 4 minutes). What's the 10% rule, you ask? Well, when ramping up your running time/distance, it is smart to only add on 10% per week to avoid injuries.

I remembered my ipod today, but I've only got an hour worth of songs on there and I'm getting a little sick of them so I swiped Pete's ipod out of the car to listen to instead. His is bigger so I had to hold it (I have a shuffle that I can clip onto my pants), but it was worth it to get some new music. I listened to Cake the whole time - Comfort Eagle and most of Pressure Chief. If you aren't a Cake fan, then the title of my post will be a mystery to you until you listen to Comfort Eagle. It's a great album. I won't recommend Pressure Chief to you, though, because it does have some explicit lyrics (hey, it was Pete's ipod...). I don't like it as much anyway.

I forgot to put my heart-rate strap on, but I just got started anyway and said, "screw my heart-rate, I'm just going to have fun!"

It was pretty fun. It's always much better running with music, I think. I started my strides at 30 minutes (instead of 40) so I still got in 40 minutes of strides. I love doing strides. It's so fun to get to run really fast for a lap! Plus it really helps the time go by. You'll be recovering from your last stride then realize, "Oh man, it's already been 5 minutes again!"

I brought hammer gel and water, and drank them around the 60-minute mark, and I think that helped me. If not with the last 10 minutes of the run, then with not feeling woosy afterwards. 

Guess what else I did today.... I actually counted my laps! Yeah! I did 7 miles + half a lap in the 70 minutes so that was keeping with my usual 10-minute mile pace. My first mile was closer to 12 minutes, though, so I was a little faster in the end. 

There was a girl who started running just as I started my last stride and I was able to keep up with her until my stride was over. She was fast! I hope it's really possible to get faster. Sometimes it just seems like I'm doomed to run at a 10-minute mile pace forever. I will keep working on it, though.

When I got done, it was 10:00, and that was when I was supposed to be meeting with some other moms in my ward (church group) to talk about starting a little preschool for our kids (because I don't have enough stuff going on right now I guess). I got there half an hour late - no shower, still in my running clothes. It was ok, though, we were still waiting for one more mom for a while anyway. We will be starting the preschool next week and just rotate houses every week. It should be fun!

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