Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weight Resistance

This morning I got up at 6 am to meet my sister, Katie, on skype. She is in China teaching English for the next 4 months.

If this doesn't make you want to go to China, I don't know what would.

She never showed up.  I actually didn't mind, though. It was nice to be up while the house was still and quiet and have a little time to myself. Then I decided to make breakfast burritos with my extra time, and they were really good! Plus we weren't even late dropping Pete off at his 8:00 meeting for a change, and Mindy had plenty of time before school. I need to start getting up that early from now on. I think that would make my life a lot less stressful and easier to get the training hours in. Come back tomorrow to see if I actually do it.

Anyway, here is what my training plan said for today:
B: solid 90 minutes at RPE3. Middle 30 minutes on aero bars if you have them, but keep easy effort. Notice if the position is comfortable to hold and if you can output the same speed for the same effort as when out of the bars.
Today was a nice sunny day so I decided to do my bike ride outside! I went back and forth on it for quite a while because Ethan stayed home from school sick, and it was still cold out there. What got me to choose outside was that Ethan and Elle both wanted to go, and it did look pretty good out there. I bundled them up good and put them in the bike trailer. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do it for a few minutes because it was really difficult getting the bike trailer hooked up to that bike. I got it on, though, and off we went!

About 85lbs weight resistance here.

We didn't even make it a mile before my little bike computer fell off. I hurried and stopped, but couldn't see it anywhere on the road when I looked back. I was just thinking, "oh crap," when I saw that it was just in my water bottle cage. Whew. I didn't dare or want to deal with putting it back on so I just put it in with the kids. The nice thing about having the bike trailer with you is you can put your stuff in it - like a camera, extra jacket, gloves, stuff that falls off your bike, toys and kids. You sure can feel that bike trailer though! 85 lbs is a lot to pull up a hill.

The road I like to ride on is a little hidden gem of Salt Lake. It's not even 2 miles from our house (maybe 4 from downtown), and after about 10 minutes you're on this little road among fields, farm houses and cows. I want to take a picture every time I ride by here, and today I brought my camera:

We saw cows, a horse, some Canadian Geese, airplanes and helicopters. The airport is just on the other side of those fields too (I think that's what that tower is). The kids actually had fun, and were really good except for one minor incident with fighting and crying that was easily fixed.

I just road for 45 minutes, had some Hammer Gel, and turned around at around the spot I usually get to in half an hour.  It took me almost exactly 90 minutes for the entire ride. Elle slept a little bit on the way back, but Ethan started coughing a lot. I felt a little bad for taking him out in the cold when he's sick. It wasn't really that cold, though. In fact, I had to take my gloves off after 10 minutes, and they wanted their blankets off for a while. 

It felt so good to be riding outside again! One of the beautiful things about riding outside is that you're not constantly thinking about how uncomfortable you are or how much time has gone by. There are so many other things to think about like: is that car going to hit me, am I going to make that light, am I going to hit that rock, or how hard is that hill going to be? Plus you get to look at all the beautiful scenery and feel the wind on your face. Ah, it's great!

Also, I felt really comfortable in the aero bars! It was probably 99% better than the first time I tried to ride that bike. The stem is nice and solid now so I actually feel like I'm in control when in the areo position. I don't remember thinking for one minute that I was uncomfortable. I rode in the areo bars for most of the time (probably more than the middle 30 as the plan suggests), other than starting out and ending in town.

On the way back Ethan, who loves to see new places, said, "We should come here in the car sometime."

I said, "Ok, we can do that."

Then he said, "We could go a lot farther." 

Yes, I suppose we could go a lot farther in the car. I didn't tell him that that wasn't the point of our ride. I'm just glad he had a good time seeing some new fun things.

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