Saturday, January 24, 2009

3 Hours

The air is MUCH clearer today! We were so happy when we saw blue sky! The sad thing is that smog is still out there somewhere.

Today I did 3 hours on the trainer. I listened to music for the first hour while Pete put the kids to bed, then he came down and put Gatica on for me. Great movie. Thank you Shane and Molly for letting us borrow it.

The movie ended just before my time was up. I tried to keep 90 rpm the whole time, though I'm sure it got a little lower while I was watching the movie. It seems like the hardest part was the last 20 minutes because at 2:40 I told myself, "10 more minutes to cool down." To my legs, I guess that means, "You can stop now." But, I kept going and finished out the 3 hours.

Riding on the trainer is a lot different than spin class and they're both different than riding on the road. I just hope my legs can't tell the difference.

When I got done I made myself some Reoverite and drank that while I stretched. Then I said, "I don't think I've had a peanut butter sandwich today...Oh wait, yes I have. Oh well, I'm having another one." I'm a big fan of the PB&J.

The trouble with starting a 3 hour bike ride at 7 is that you don't get done until 10. Now it's Midnight and I still need to go over my lesson for Young Women's tomorrow. Goodnight.

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