Monday, January 26, 2009

Let's multi-task!

Today I dropped Mindy and Pete off, then went up to the gym where I did running AND swimming. We decided it was worth paying a little extra in daycare for me to do both my workouts at the same time for several reasons.
  1. It saves on gas (though, this one kind of gets canceled out by the extra daycare cost).
  2. It lowers my driving which saves me time and is better for the environment. (We'd prefer no more smoggy days, thank you.)
  3. It's good for me to get used to doing cardio for longer periods of time (uh, like 14 hours of cradio...).
  4. Running is a good warm-up for swimming (I mean, I swam my best last time after running!)
I remembered to bring my ipod today, but I still don't have a new battery for my watch so I was stuck counting my laps and watching the analog clock they have on the wall. But acording to that watch, I did my 3 miles in about 29 minutes! See how much an ipod can do? It's really hard to run slow when Muse comes on. It's actually really hard not to run so fast that your head explodes when Muse comes on. If you don't have them on your running playlist, I suggest adding them.

I went strait to the pool after I finished my 27 laps so my 1 lap with the kick board and 4 with the paddles and pull buoy were kind of a cool down from running AND a warm up for swimming.

After that I rested and stretched for a while until I felt like my breathing was back to normal. Then I attempted to do 10 laps on 1:00 keeping them under around :55 each. I was worried I wouldn't be able to recreate this, but I did it! In fact, when I got done with 10 and it was still on :55 I decided to make it 11.

I rested for a little while then decided to see how many more I could do. This time I only did 3 before I fell behind so I stopped there. Then I did 2 more sets of 3, but this time on :55. That was pretty hard, but I could handle it for 3.

So, overall that was....25 laps.

I got the kids out of the daycare in a little less than 2 hours, so that cost me almost $8. It is nice that I'm all done for the day, though, and I don't have to rush through family night and getting the kids to bed so I can go back this evening. What will I do with myself with all this time?

Oh yeah, I still have the 4 or 5 loads of laundry to do, the dishes, the house to clean, dinner to put in the crockpot (Chicken Makhani, YUM!), kids to pick up from school, ballet to take Mindy too.... It never ends.

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