Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Will Do This.

[ Posted Tue, 20 Jan 2009 16:50:00 ]

I just went to Ironman’s website and watched their Motivational Video. I have to fight back the tears as I watch it every time. This is obviously not shot in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, but it’s almost the same. Seeing them all take off at the start of the swim was quite an amazing site! I’m going to be one of the ones coming in after dark, crying as I cross the finish line. I just know it. Be careful if you decide to watch it, it might make you want to do one too.

Today, I had it all planned out to ride on the trainer for an hour while Ethan was at school, and Elle took a nap, with plenty of time to shower before picking the kids up. Of course, things never work out as planned. Elle wouldn’t take a nap so she ended up sitting downstairs with me watching Dora while I rode. I didn’t get on the bike until exactly an hour before I had to go pick Ethan up so I ended up doing a 50 minute ride, stretching while putting Elle’s pants and shoes on, and rushing to pick the kids up. I wasn’t late though, and I got to enjoy my shower when we got home.

I pushed it pretty hard on the bike, and the cool thing was that my heart-rate was lower on the highest gear then it was when I first started riding on the trainer. That was maybe a month ago. I’d have to be careful and not catch myself watching Dora, though, or my heart-rate would go down. I guess Dora’s not as inspiring as I thought. Elle sure liked it though. She sat there yelling out the answers to Dora’s questions, while I tried to focus on my music. At least it gave me something cute to look at while I rode. Elle, not Dora.

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