Friday, January 30, 2009

Not The Best Day

This morning my dad called to tell me that my little sister, Sabel, is back in the hospital. As soon as I heard the phone ring, I knew something was wrong, because who would be calling me at 7:30 am?

Calling her my little sister might be misleading. She is 25 and married, but she'll always be my little sister.

She was in the hospital for a week and a half back in October with her heart pumping double what it should have and gaul bladder problems. She was released just in time for Halloween, and she's been doing really well. Or so we thought. Here she is on Christmas with her husband, Garison.

Her heart is working too hard again, and now her lungs are having trouble. They don't really know why. They've got her in the ICU, and they've got something helping her breath. Garison has been up for the past 36 hours watching and waiting with her. He's amazing, we're so glad she has him! He says that she's looking much better than she did yesterday and sounds very positive that she'll make a quick recovery. We all hope that is the case, and we will keep her in our prayers.

Yesterday Pete went down to St. George with some friends from work to go mountain biking. That just leaves me and the kids so I couldn't go to the gym early. Elle is still sick so I couldn't take them in to the daycare either. The only thing I did today, exercise wise, was walk/jog the 2 blocks to the store with Elle in the stroller and Ethan on his bike. It was fun for him to get his bike out, and he only tipped over....well, let's say not as many times as last time. :) There was a lot of snow to run into on the sidewalks, though. I'm very proud of him for being able to ride his bike without training wheels at all. I didn't learn how until I was 7!

I did find a training plan that I think I will start following on Monday. It is even a 20 week plan, so that works out perfectly! And I did go buy that new 60mm stem for my bike ($80 wow!). I'm so excited to get it on, but I'm a little nervous to do it myself. I don't think Pete will be home in time to do it before I need to ride tomorrow, though. I might just have to get the tools out and have some faith in myself.

I might do some core exercises before bed, just to get something in. Maybe I'll run in place for half an hour. Ha. I'm a little jealous of those people who own treadmills at the moment.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that Sabel's having trouble again, we'll keep her in our prayers.

    I'm so impressed with the training you're doing. Keep up the amazing work--I don't know any mothers of 3 that are able to do what you're doing!

  2. Thank you.

    I don't know how guys do it who have to go to work all day. At least I can dump the kids off for a few hours at the daycare, or ride on the trainer while they're in school/sleeping. I feel very blessed to have a healthy body and the means to be able to do all this.