Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh, Running, My Love...

I’m back!

I went back to the, again crowded, gym tonight to run on their indoor track. Once I got going, I did not want to stop.

It’s 9 laps to a mile, and I did 3 sets of 9 laps, walking for a minute between each. I averaged at a little over a minute a lap, but some of my laps were more like :54, and we figure :53 would be 8-minute mile pace.

I did my last lap so fast. It was awesome, I felt like I was flying by all the other people (ok, so most of them were walking, but still). It felt so good, and I was so into it that when I got to the end of the lap, I didn’t stop and I didn’t even look at my time. I had to run one more lap. Of course, I couldn’t keep that speed up for another lap, but I couldn’t just stop. I’m kind of mad at myself for not looking at how fast I did that lap. I’ll have to pay more attention next time. I also forgot to start my timer at the beginning, so I didn’t get my total time. I was just watching the time of each of my laps, and my dang watch only counts up to 16 laps so I had to add 16 and 13 to get my total laps (29 laps or 3 1/9 miles).

I stretched, then got up to leave, but then my favorite song to run to come on so I ended up running 2 more laps (so that makes it actually 31 laps or 3 1/3 miles). I could have kept running, but I was supposed to be taking it easy so I came home and had a piece of cake. Does that sound like an Ironman or what?

It’s still amazing to me that I love running. But I hate running. When you hear about someone with a love/hate relationship with running, that’s me. I never thought I would love running, though. I thought I would always just have a hate/hate relationship with it. When I was in high school I dreaded the day they would make us run “the mile.” I couldn’t even run the whole thing, and it would about kill me. I HATED running. Even now, when I think about running sometimes, I hate it.

I’d like to say that I also hated running during that last 6 miles of the marathon, but I don’t think I did. It was more like my true love who kept alluding me. I hated having to walk, it felt so slow. I would have loved to run those 6 miles. It felt so good to be running again for real today! I’m so grateful that my foot has healed and that I’m still able run, even after what I did to it.


  1. I recognize this feeling so well, especially the part where u hear your fave song and want to go for another lap... :) Good music is a must for me when I am running.

    It is funny with running, most runners I talk to have hated it at some point of their life (especially when being younger), but then once they get into it they get all 'smitten' and are unable to stop. I have tried to get some of my friends to fall in love with running too, but they all say the same thing: "Nah, if there is one thing I don't do then it is running. I hate it. It hurts my knees, my back, my this, my that.... it's torture!"

    Funny, because some 6 years ago I said exactly the same thing... :)

  2. I know, I always try to get people to start running too, and get a lot of those same answers. It makes me wish they'd just give it a real good try. Not just go out running a couple times, because that won't do it. But really have a goal and work toward it and everything. It's awesome!