Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Didn't Really Fall Off...

[ Posted Sat, 17 Jan 2009 22:57:27 ]

Last night we filled the Jeep up with Kids, clothes, sports equipment and etc, and drove the 5 hours to St. George where we are staying at Pete’s parents’ house. The kids were all excited about being at Grandma and Grandpa’s house so we didn’t end up getting them (Elle) to sleep until Midnight. Ug. But we had a nice morning with pancakes to make up for it.

At around noon, we left the kids here, and went for a nice bike ride. It is so nice here. It was probably close to 60 degrees today, and it’s 46 right now at 10:00 pm. We rode to Snow Canyon, paid the $3, and rode up it. It was really beautiful. Pete played photographer and took some pictures. Here I am entering Snow Canyon. It was a beautiful ride!

It was a good ride, and I practiced using my aero bars. I traded my road bike for Pete's Tri bike so it's taking a little getting used to.

Going up the last little bit of the canyon was pretty hard. My heart-rate got up to like 173 by the time I reached the top.

When we got to the top, where it opens out onto the highway that I ran the St. George Marathon on, I asked Pete if he wanted to go back down the canyon or along the highway. We had talked about going back down the canyon so we could see if some guys we saw climbing were going to go all the way up the multi-pitch route they were on, but Pete said, “well…”. At this point, I was starting to turn around to go back down, but I think his indecision threw me off or something, and I didn’t look before starting my u-turn. I got half-way around, and there was a car right there! It was hardly moving, but I hadn’t known it was there and it scared me so I turned too sharp and too quick. I just tipped over. It was so embarassing, and as I felt my helmet hit the pavement, I wished I could just dissapear.

Have you ever fallen and just wanted to lay there for a while? I heard Pete rushing over and asking if I was ok, though, so I knew I needed to get up to let him know I was fine. And I was fine, but we were still a little annoyed that the car just went around me and drove off. I skinned my right hand a little, and there were faint scratch marks on my leg, but mostly my left wrist just hurt. I was so mad at myself for doing such a stupid thing. A guy got killed last year doing that exact thing, and I was just lucky the car was going really slow. I was also mad that I hut my wrist because we’re planning to go climbing on Monday and I really don’t want to not be able to go.

I wasn’t too worried, though, and told Pete I was just fine for riding back. I didn’t want to miss the fun down-hill after what we just did! It’s really fun riding down the bike path that goes along the highway. It’s like a roller-coaster with lots of little steep ups and downs.

We were enjoying these ups and downs, when I realized that it hurt really bad if I pushed on the breaks with my left hand. It was still hurting when we came to a lady at the bottom of one of the dips. She had a dog who wasn’t on leash that just walked out right in front of us. I had already crashed once and didn’t want to do it again. I was going pretty fast and had to slow way down so I wouldn’t hit the dog, but now I didn’t have enough momentum to get started again since I was on the hill. I got off my bike, all mad, mumbling, “stupid dog!” under my breath. Not too quiet for the lady to hear, though. I stormed up the hill, my cleats clicking on the pavement, too mad to look at her or say anything directly to her. I heard Pete say, “That dog needs to be on a leash.” When I asked him about it he said, “I should have said, ‘You’re going to get somebody hurt.’” I agreed, and warned the next cyclist we saw that there was a dog ahead. I shouldn’t have gotten so mad, but I think it was amplified by my wrist hurting.

Our ride was about 2 1/2 hours long. I did something to my watch to stop the timer (maybe when I fell?) so I didn’t have an exact time when we got back. I’m always so bad at collecting my data like that. It seems like I always do something to mess my numbers up. Oh well, not a big deal. It was just a fun ride. Well, most of it was fun.

When we got back I put ice on my wrist and babied it while we went to dinner and went shopping. I got an ace bandage to put on it, but I think that actually made it hurt more so I took it off and took some Ibuprofen. It was hurting really bad when it was time to get the kids to bed. They didn’t go down easy either. Finally I just laid down with them to get Elle to go to sleep, and I don’t know exactly when she went to sleep because I think I fell asleep for a little while too. See what I mean about messing up my numbers? :) They were asleep by 10:00, though, and now my wrist is feeling much better. I can even type with it where before I was trying to type one-handed. I’m optimistic that it will be feeling better tomorrow, and that it just needs rest.

It’s interesting to note that last time I was on that rode, I broke my foot running the marathon, and today I hurt my wrist. Do I see a pattern forming? Maybe I should avoid that road from now on.

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