Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nap Time

[ Posted Wed, 21 Jan 2009 13:41:00 ]

Oh sweet, beautiful, peaceful, quiet nap time. I actually got Elle to take a nap today! Now I can just sit here and do nothing, a very rare occasion for me. Of course, I’m not really doing nothing, I’m posting on my blog, but that’s close enough.

Today I went swimming, and did 3 sets of 7 lap intervals at 1:00. I tried to keep the laps under :55, though. I did good on the first set, with all my laps at :55 or under except for the last two were :56 and :57. I was ok with that. Then on my second set, I did a couple more around that time. On my last set, I was doing good to stay under 1:00 after my first 2 laps, but I managed to get in from my last lap at :56.

My shoulders (and forearms, now that you mention it) are still a little sore from rock climbing so, that’s gotta be why I couldn’t make them all under :55 right? :)

I tried counting my strokes like, “one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand,” and thinking of each stroke as an increment of time instead of just a stroke. I was hoping it would help me be more consistent with my time, and I think it might have helped a little, but obviously it didn’t make me too consistent.

When I got home, Pete called and asked me to bring him his running things so he could run at lunch, and I said, “Sure, my love.” I hurried and packed everything up, and got the kids in the car to get over there before 11:30 when his friends were going to the gym. I made it in time and everything, but as I was driving away, my phone rang and it hit me that I forgot to pack shoes for him! Ah, man, I felt so bad! Oh well, it was all part of my master (subconscious) plan to get him to come running with me tonight. Mwwwa ha ha ha!

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