Sunday, March 22, 2009

13 Weeks to Ironman!

I did every one of my workouts this week! Well, except for today, but since I decided that I wouldn't do the Sunday workouts when I first started training, I don't think that counts. That means I got a good 14 training hours this week! 

Next week is a recovery week so that will be really nice! I have tomorrow off as well as today, and only 8.5 hours all week. I'm kind of looking forward to a more relaxed week. But then, my plan also says to reduce my calories to match the reduced training. That will be hard. I really like to eat. I was pretty good this week with not eating any high fructose corn syrup (this is harder than it sounds, start reading the ingredients on your favorite foods and you'll be surprised. Even foods that are supposed to be heathy have it in them. It's a conspiracy! This is why I've started making my own bread), not too much refined flour or sugar - until I made those brownies. They were so delicious too!

Last week I had a question about how to work the Against Malaira site, and I realized that it's not very user-friendly so I thought I'd post the directions here again. Here they are:

There's a button towards the top that says "Sponsor now!" that you click on. It's kind of weird wording because I don't think of it as you "sponsoring me" but I guess you are. I don't know.

Anyway, click that link, then you put in your name, town and a message if you want to (This will show up on my page, so whatever you want people to see), then you click "add details."

This will update the info in the little chart below, and a new button will appear that says"next" so click that.

Now you can choose how much you want to donate, and what currency it is in. Put your name and email address (twice) and click "next."

It will take you to a page where you make sure all your info is correct (make sure you check the box saying it is, then you click on "donate via world pay."

Next it will take you to a page where you choose what kind of credit card you want to use, click on that, then you can put in your cc info and click on "make payment."

That should do it. I hope that helps and doesn't make it more confusing!

My little sister is in China right now, and with all this talk about mosquitos and malaria she said, "Way to freak me out, Coke! You know there are so many skitos here, and they leave huge red marks!" I hadn't even thought that she was in danger of getting the disease I'm trying to prevent. Of course, it's most deadly to little kids and pregnant women so I probably don't need to worry about her too much, but it is kind of scary to think about. I'm so grateful we don't have it around here anymore. I know the pioneers really had a hard time with it and most of them suffered from or died from it. They called it "the shakes" or "The Ague."

I've got a couple followers from India, and I'd be really interested in hearing about if and how Malaria has affected your life, if that's not too personal.


  1. I know what you mean about the HFCS. I've had to give up all refined sugar for health reasons, and it's in everything.

    I think there is one kind of store bought bread that doesn't have HFCS in it, Aunt Millie's. But I don't know if that's a national brand or just a local thing.

  2. I've actually found a store bought bread that doesn't have hfcs in it too (I don't know the brand, but I don't think it's Grandma Millie's), but it's $4 a loaf so I only buy it every once and a while, when I don't have time or don't feel like baking.

  3. I am an Indian and i have never been affected by malaria.It mainly occurs in places where its filthy and has stagnant water where the skitos breed.I stay in an area thats preety clean and it gets cleaned everyday so i never had to worry about it.Though according to med study the incidence of malaria in India is on decline,which i guess is a real good news

  4. Recipes for theLife - Thanks for sharing that! I had kind of guessed that you wouldn't be in an area where it was a real problem, but I don't really know. That is great news that it is on the decline in India, and that you haven't been affected by it!

  5. there is a brand of whole wheat bread, that my kids even eat, that is at costco that has no hfcs. It is hard to find in the regular stores. that has been a crusade of mine too. If you look back to when america started using hfcs as a filler and sweetener, it is about then that obesity in america started growing and growing (no pun intended). I think it is a conspiracy! Just kidding, but it is used because it is so cheap. I was watching the naked chef being interviewed a few weeks ago and he was saying that we need to raise the price of sugar in America to help with the obesity problem. I agree. They also need to make healthy foods more affordable.
    I went riding on saturday about 7:30, and i was absolutely freezing, and there was quite a bit of wind. One day you'll have to come down here, I figured out how to get to the Utah lake from where we live. That could be a nice relaxing, less traffic filled ride. Hope all is well. Talk to you soon.

  6. It is sad how it's so much more expensive to eat healthy. It's interesting that here in America we've got thousands of poor people who aren't starving, but they aren't really healthy either. All the cheap food is so manufactured, it's just grose to think about it.

    It was really windy on Saturday! I was lucky enough to not be cold, though. That would be fun to ride out to Utah Lake. How far is it? We'll have to plan for it sometime.