Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Family Swim Day

Training plan for the day:
Swim: speed day
wu: 400 continuous. last 50 in each 100 is kick
main: 10 x 100 EBEH (each 100 = 25Easy, 25Build, 25Easy, 25 Hard)
cd: 4 x 25, each slower than last

Bike: 1.5 hour with some climbing or low cadence work if you're on the
trainer. RPE 3-4 on the flats and allow yourself some out of the saddle work
of RPE 7-8 on the hills
I took this morning off and had a nice relaxing time going to the store with Ethan and Elle. Ok, actually, no part of it was relaxing, but it was nice to have plenty of time to do it. Ethan fell into the shopping cart and got very sad,  so I had to get a band-aid for his elbow from the manager. Don't ask me how you fall into a shopping cart, but that's what he did, and luckily his head landed right on my purse which probably wasn't too padded, but more padded than the shopping cart.

While Ethan was at school, I was going to take Elle in the bike trailer to do my ride, but after trying, unsuccessfully, to hook the trailer onto my bike for half an hour, I went with Plan B and put my bike on the trainer. This was kind of fun because I have Stardust from Netflix right now so I got to watch that. I still haven't finished it because I had to hurry and go pick Ethan up before it was over.  

It wasn't too hard of a workout, I didn't get up to RPE 7-8 like I was supposed to (that would be about 170 heart-rate, and I only got up to about 150 for about 10 minutes), but I didn't take it too easy either.

When the kids got home from school, I got them to clean their rooms so they could go swimming when Pete got off work. They did a great job so when Pete got off, we picked him up and headed up to the pool.

We did call to make sure the kid pool would be open before we left so there would be no disappointments this time. Unfortunately, the lap pool wasn't going to be open until half an hour after we got there, though, and I had a meatloaf in the oven so we couldn't really wait around. There is a lap pool in the kid pool area, though, and I was able to do my laps there. The water in this pool is much warmer and murkier and it tastes more strongly of chlorine. I don't like to think of the reasons for this. I just did my swimming.

I don't like to be cold, but I must say that it is harder to swim (especially a speed workout) in such a warm pool. I got my workout done just fine, though, and kept my 100s between 1:45 and 1:50. Then I played with the kids for a few minutes, and we hurried off to get showered and get home before the meatloaf burned.

It was not burned, and it was a huge hit with the kids - they all at least had seconds, Ethan had thirds. Pete is averse to ketchup and this one does not have that offending ingredient so he will eat it, but he says it does not compare to the meatloaf a lady made him while he was on his mission. Oh well, it's the best meatloaf I've had, and that will have to do. Here's the recipe (I mixed the cheese in and made 2 loaves out of it - one to bake and one to freeze. This was the frozen one that I thawed out over night.)

My sister is going to have her surgery first thing tomorrow. I'm glad she's getting it done, and hope everything goes well. We will keep her in our prayers.  

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