Thursday, March 5, 2009

Magic Mirror

Here is my schedule for the day.
R: 60 minutes with strides every 10 minutes. Finish run then add 5 more
20second strides back to back before stretching. Remember, strides should
be easy speed effort. Stop if your legs are feeling exhausted.
B: 90 minues easy spinning of RPE 3.
I wanted to make sure I did it all since I skipped out on yesterday. This morning, I went to the gym and ran for an hour. I forgot my watch so I would count 9 laps on my fingers ("Grandpa can't do math in his head?!") then do a really fast lap. This got me 6 miles. My legs were tired, but I wouldn't say they were "exhausted", so I kept going. I added the 5 more strides back to back. I wasn't exactly sure how to do this, I tried to count to 20 while ramping up, do 20 seconds really fast, then slow back down over 20 more seconds, then start ramping up again.  Some of my strides lasted longer than 20 seconds, though. They're just fun! So my total distance was probably 6.66 miles.

When I got home, I was suprised to find Pete all dressed and ready to go to work so I gave him a ride in. Then we had lunch and took Ethan to school. I was going to ride during Elle's nap, but the nap was not happening so she ended up just playing around really good for an hour and a half while I rode the trainer. I just kept it on a really easy gear and tried to keep spinning fast at around 90 rpm. I don't have a gage for that so I just watch my seconds and make sure I'm doing 3 rotations per second. It wasn't very hard, but it was pretty monotonous. It felt good to spin my legs out, though. My knees were kind of sore from that run, especially when I jumped over some mud, ouch! But they felt great on the bike, and they feel pretty good now.

When I got done, we had to go pick Ethan up so I was getting everything ready to go when Elle said, "But, look at the mirror!"

When I had had about 20 minutes left of my ride, Elle had taken her clothes off and started scratching her bottom because it's really dry so I told her to go put some cream on it if it was itching. Not a good quest to send a 2-year-old on by herself. When I was done and went upstairs, I thought she had a lot of the cream on her hands compared to how much was on her bottom, but I didn't think much of it until she nicely showed me the mirror. I couldn't get too mad at her, she had been so good otherwise, and she's really cute, but that stuff isn't cheap!

It wasn't really that hard to clean up, but Mindy thought it looked really yucky when I was squeegying (is that a word?) it off later.

I keep forgetting to rate my eating for the day. When I went to the gym this morning, there were some people from the hospital checking body fat and blood pressure for free so I just did it to see if it would be different than our Ironman scale at home. My Body Fat % came up at 20.6%. I like our scale better -  Last time I did it it said I it was 18I can never remember the numbers they give me for my blood pressure. She said it was good though.  I'd say today, with 1 being a weekend in Vegas and a 10 being a nutritional angel, I was an 8. The day is not over yet, though. Pete and I are going to see Phantom and they always have really good cookies there. Let's just move it down to 7.

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  1. The mirror looks like a piece of modern art LOL!You have a very creative two year old :D.

    You are training so religiously each day without fail.It makes me feel guilty for not exercising regularly :(

    keep going