Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Flashback - Pete's Ironman

I did nothing today. I did go in and do my speed swim workout last night, though. Thursday night is not a good night to swim at my gym. They had Masters going on and a water aerobics class that took up all but 2 lanes. I shared a lane with 4 other people. It was two ladies and their teenage daughters who are training for the Women of Steel Tri in June. It actually worked out really well, despite having 5 people in a lane. One of the ladies even told me I am a really fast swimmer! :) I was doing intervals, but still, I always love to hear that!

Today I was planning on taking the kids to the daycare because Elle seemed so much better last night, but when I looked at her nose this morning, I had second thoughts. I was also feeling like I'm getting sick so I decided to just rest up, and drink lots of orange juice today so that I will be ready for my long ride tomorrow. I can not miss that! I also had to find something to do with the kids tomorrow because Pete will be in a conference all day, but I just talked to my dad and he's going to come up. I'm excited to get going on the bike again. It feels like it's been forever.

Speaking of long rides, I just signed up for 2 more races this summer: 

Little Red Riding Hood which is an all women's 100 mile ride 2 weeks before the Ironman. It's a little closer than I would like, but Pete did a ride even longer than that on the same day last year so I think I'll be ok. I would feel a lot more confident to have that under my belt on race day. It's also a really fun ride that I've been wanting to do, and Pete's aunt (who just started reading my blog, yeah!) just informed me that she's doing it so I thought I'd join her. It will be a fun girl's night/day out!

and Spudman which is an olympic distance triathlon where you get to swim downstream in a river so it's really fun. It's actually a lottery to get into that one this year, but we've got connections so we're pretty sure we'll get in. It is in July and Pete's doing that one with me. And he can't wait to get back on his bike. One more month hun!

Ok, time for my quick flashback. 

I finally got around to editing the footage I got of Pete's Ironman last year. I have to warn you that I was not in the least bit professional when shooting this. I was much too emotionally involved (It was like trying to shoot a family member's wedding, only much harder!), and every time Pete would come around, I found myself too worried about cheering for him to get a good shot. Sorry about that hun. Anyway, here it is. Let me know what you think. Watch for the blind guys, I got a shot of on of them (there were 3 in this race) in each section. I also have a small cameo, so watch for that.

Pete's Ironman from Colleen Lasko on Vimeo.


  1. Man watching that video really gets me pumped up! That was one incredible feat Pete was able to finish. Good luck to you Colleen.

  2. Thanks, Shane! That's what I was going for. You going to do it next year now?? :) It was incredible!