Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Temple Day

This morning I woke up bright and early (Ok, it was still dark so I guess I can't say it was bright...) and met the Young Women/Young Men group at the church at 5:15 so we could go to the temple before they had to go to school. It was a great experience as always, and I took this picture on the way out. It was just getting light. 

Elle still has a yucky cough so there was no way I was taking her to the daycare today, but I still wanted to get my workouts in today:
B: 2 hour small chainring only effort.
R: 50 minute solid effort at RPE 3-4
I did 2 hours on my bike on the trainer while Ethan and Elle just ran wild and free doing who knows what all over the house. They put on Land Before Time XIII (no joke!), then didn't stay around to watch the whole thing. I got to watch it all though. Quite a treat, and it sure got me spinning when those scary dinosaurs started chasing them! Did you know Cuba Gooding Jr. was in it?

After my ride, we had lunch, then I got Ethan and Elle into our double jogging stroller (you inspired me, Sun) and literally ran Ethan to school. They are so heavy! I haven't tried to used that stroller for running since Ethan started getting so big (so when he was 2), and it is a lot more work running with that thing! But this isn't all just fun and games around here anymore so I sucked it up and went for it. I pushed it pretty hard and my heart-rate stayed at around 165. I ran to school, dropped Ethan off then ran home to get sunscreen and a hat because it was hot and I know I would have been burnt. That's right, I said it was hot! It was 65 degrees today! Not really "hot" but I did get warm quick running. Isn't that awesome! I'm so excited for summer! The sun felt so good, even though I know it's going to just fry me like chicken this summer, I still love it.

Elle fell asleep almost immediately after we dropped Ethan off, and she slept for the whole rest of the run. I mostly ran on the road so I wouldn't jar her to much going on and off the sidewalk. 

I got done with my run just in time to pick Mindy up from school since she had a half day, so we all walked home. Elle insisted on getting out and running, and I forgot about her cough until she had run half a mile (seriously, she probably ran almost half the way home! She's my good little runner!) and suddenly sat down and started coughing. Oops, I shouldn't have let her do that. Poor little thing. She's ok, though.

This evening, we had a baby-sitter come over so we could go to our Stake's Temple Night. We didn't even recognize anyone we knew, though, so I'm not sure we went to the right place at the right time. It doesn't matter though, it was still good to go to the temple, it's been way too long. I'm glad I got to go twice today, it was a double boost of spirituality that is always good.

Here is a little video The Church put out that explains Why Mormon's Build Temples. If you've ever seen a temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and wondered what it was, here you go:

For more info, you can also go to mormon.org. Have a good night everyone!

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