Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Was Talking to My Babies!

This morning, at around 10, I was having a hard time getting Ethan to stay off the computer (Gee, I wonder where he gets that from.) so finally I just said, "Ok, you guys wanna go in the stroller?" Pete was trying to work from home, but he's also got our family cold so I thought I'd give him a break from listening to Diego computer games and fighting kids. 

Here is what my training plan said to do today:
B: 60 minutes inside or out, just easy spinning, RPE 3.
R: 30 minutes easy RPE 2-3.
I took the kids out and ran for 15 minutes then headed back. That is about the perfect length for taking kids in the stroller (unless they are asleep, then you can go for longer) because they were still interested in looking around at the sites and spotting robins. When we were about a block from the house, they were asking to get out and walk, and this was perfect because I was just about finished with my time, and I got a little bit of a cool-down walking with them. Actually, they didn't walk. They ran. When Ethan got to the house, he sat down on the porch steps breathing heavily saying he was tired, so when Elle got there she did the same. She is so dramatic! It was a fun little outing. 

We had lunch, then got ready to take Ethan to school. Pete actually rode his bike in to work today! I'm glad he's able to do that now - and not because I don't want to take him in. I kind of enjoy our time together in the car when I drop him off at work, but I'm glad that he's feeling well enough to get back on his bike.

I debated on whether I wanted to hook the bike up to the trainer because that's kind of a pain, or the bike trailer because that's really a pain. I decided to go with the bike trailer because Elle would enjoy that more, and I might want to use it again tomorrow so it will already be ready. I went out with plenty of time to get the bike trailer onto the bike, and amazingly, it went right on! Maybe I've just been going about it the wrong way all this time!

After dropping Ethan off at school, and convincing Elle to get back into the bike trailer by telling her we would play on the park when we picked him him, I rode around with her for an hour. I kept it really easy, reminding myself that this is my recovery week and that I'm just out there to get the blood flowing and to help my muscles not forget how to do stuff. Elle was so cute, she slept for about half the ride sitting on the floor with her head on the seat. Am I a terrible mother for allowing her to do that and not having her totally strapped in? 

When we got home, I put Elle into her room because she started throwing a fit about wanting to go see the ducks when she woke up. I told her I could take her in the car because we were already home, but she wouldn't stand for that. That means, she got to go to her room. I went to my room and stretched while I listened to her cry. She didn't cry for long, though, and pretty soon I heard her in there talking. I heard her call out something about wrapping her baby up so I told her just a minute. I finished stretching then started to open her door to go help her wrap her baby up, but she quickly pushes the door back and says, "I was talking to my babies!" Then she went back to talking to her babies. It was so funny, and so cute! I was able to take my shower and everything while she did that and she was perfectly happy. It was great!


  1. :D Kids can be really funny and cute.Isn't it?they are a constant source of amusement and amazement

  2. That is so true kids are a joy... thanks coleen your awesome..