Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So Much Stuff

According to my poll, when my readers think of triathlons:
43% think, "Good for you, but not for me."
37% think, "That sounds like fun!"
12% think, "That's crazy!"
6% think, "Tri-what?"

It's always good to know the demographic you are speaking to. Thanks for humoring me everyone who took the survey!

I have a headache tonight so this will probably be a quick entry.

My training plan for today said to do the following:
B: 120 minutes, hills. Find some hills if possible.
Complete stretch of legs and lower back afterwards.

S: wu: 500
main: 15 x 100, RPE 4-5, concentrate on smooth and efficient rather than all-out speed
cd: 500
Pete was feeling really sore this morning, and I didn't want to leave him for longer than necessary. I thought a little bit about trying to ride during Elle's nap because it was so warm outside (66 degrees!), but then we were worried about what would happen if she woke up and I wasn't there. I didn't want Pete to have to deal with a baby throwing a fit. It was really super windy outside too, so it probably wouldn't have been fun to ride in anyway. 

I just did a really hard 2-hour ride on the trainer. I started easy, then would gear up every 10 minutes until 110 when I was at the hardest gear. Then I slowly geared down. I guess this isn't really realistic to what hills would be like. It was more like just riding up a really long hill that just slowly flattened out and never getting to zoom down the other side of it. It was a really good workout, I'm pretty sore from it!

While I was putting my bike onto the trainer, I put all my stuff on the couch. I thought it looked like a pretty impressive assortment of things:

I've got a towel, ipod (ok, these 2 things I only use indoors), phone (I had this in case Pete needed me, I didn't want him to have to get up.), water bottle, hammer gel, bike computer (I don't know what this is really called...), heart-rate monitor, and shoes.

This is why it is such a hassle to ride your bike, you just need so much stuff! I wasn't even going for a real ride either. If I were riding outside, I would at least need to add a helmet, jacket, gloves, and sunglasses. It's ok, I don't really mind it. I was just noting that today.

Elle woke up 10 minutes before I got done with my ride, and she had had an accident so I was glad I didn't try to leave her with Pete. Then I got done with my ride just in time to go pick Ethan and Mindy up. I didn't even have time to change out of my little tri shorts, especially because I had to change Ell. I did my stretching while Ethan and Elle played on the playground before Mindy got out. The other moms were probably thinking, "What is she wearing?"

We went home and had a snack, then I took the kids up to the gym so I could do my swim. I was so tired driving up there, though. I was thinking, "How am I going to swim?" And I could just picture myself sinking contentedly into the water. Not the best state of mind to be in while driving, but I assure you, I wasn't that tired.

The gym was packed! And when I went to my normal pool, there were about a billion kids in there doing swimming lessons and maybe the swim team too. Luckily there is a lap pool in the "leisure pool" side so I went over there. The water was much warmer in here, and there were kids playing around, but I figured this was good. I am training for an triathlon after all. I need to get used to navigating around people. It reminded me of my favorite commercial (though it was nothing near this):

According to my research, at least 37% of you will think this is funny. 6% of you might be a little confused, but I'm willing to take that chance.

While looking up this video, I found out that Jennifer Lopez did a triathlon last year. She finished in two hours, 23 minutes and 38.8 seconds and she raised $127,000 for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. I guess I just need to become a celebrity to raise some money (I'm working on that, I do have 13 followers now so I've got a good start!). I really have no idea what I'm doing here. 

Matthew McConaughey did the same race. His race time was one hour, 30 minutes and 44.7 seconds. Not too shabby.

Anyway, I didn't do the full swim workout because I didn't want to leave the kids in the daycare for much more than an hour because having all three of them in there just eats money. I did the 500 warmup, then I just did 7 100s and 200 more to cool down. I figure it's better than nothing, and I checked the kids out almost exactly an hour after I put them in. 

So much for the short post....Now I really need to go to bed!

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  1. Truly the essence of a mass open water swim start.