Monday, March 9, 2009

Snowing in March?

I don't know why I'm alsways so suprised when it snows in March. It does it every year around here. It just doesn't seem right, does it? It's Spring Break for crying out loud!

Training Plan for today:
S: race-specific
wu: 5 x 75
main: 2 x 1000, both are RPE 4
cd: 250 easy

B: 90 minutes, easy pace, RPE3
The kids didn't have school today so I got to go to the pool early, but not too early, and I didn't have to rush too much. I did my first 1000 (20 laps down and back) in 21:24. I don't know what my time was on the second one because the clock I was watching got reset somewhere around lap 10. I could tell it was close to the same amount of time by the analog clock on the wall, though.

I got home just in time to make Pete some hot chocolate (I'm trying to get him to drink a lot of milk to get the calcium for his bone to grow back - amazingly, his doctor didn't even suggest this to him. It was one of the main prescriptions my doctor gave me with my stress fracture.) then take him to work. 

The kids and I did a little cleaning, made rice crispy treats for family night, put some chili in the crock pot, and finally got Elle down for a nap at around 2. 

I took this opportunity to do my bike ride on the trainer. I just did it on a nice, easy gear, but at a quick cadence, for an hour and a half. Now that I've started riding on the road again, it seems even more tedious to ride on the trainer. Ethan complained to me, "There's nothing to do when you're riding your bike. It's so boring." I told him I was sorry and that it's boring for me too, but that I've got to do it. It is a good time to practice your form, though, and get stronger. 

I drank about a half a bottle of water and a Hammer Gel. It wasn't a hard workout, but I did work up a  little bit of a sweat. Mindy kept asking me if I was hot and fanning me with her little hand-held fan. She was really good and cute while I rode. She cleaned her room, then made herself a little "house" out of chairs and blankets that she is sleeping in tonight. She also entertained me by doing "tricks" with her book. She would take her bookmark out and magically still know where her place was! I could usually see the hair barrette or whatever it was she would put in the place, but I didn't let her know that.

I got done just in time for a snack of apples and bananas with peanut butter, then I took Min to ballet and picked Pete up from work. I didn't realize my legs were tired until I tried to hurry up the 2 1/2 flights of stairs to Mindy's ballet studio. I guess I got a better workout than I thought today.

This week is going to be hard. Every day, except for one have 2 workouts a day with a  total of 14.5 hours of training for the week. I hope I can do it all, and I don't get burnt out. Next week will be even harder - 16 hours! 

Oh, food rating for the day. I give myself a 6 again because of those dang rice crispy treats, and the Oreos I got for Pete to help him drink more milk. Hey it even says on the package, "Milk's favorite cookie." I've only had 5, and I'm keeping it at that. So there.


  1. Pete's doctor is right about not asking you guys to pump him with Calcium... It is needed for people with osteoporotic fractures only... Our body has enough calcium to take care of a fracture healing process.... so dont worry...:)

  2. Oh, thanks kkkumar. I didn't know that. Why did my doctor have me do it then? Does a stress fracture fall into the osteoporotic fracture category? I'm glad to hear his body will be able to take care of his fracture by itself.