Monday, March 30, 2009

Beginning Base 2

I am now starting week 12 and base 2. For base 2, I'm going to be having "theme weeks" where I focus on a single sport. This week it is swimming.

Today I was supposed to do this:
Swim (80 min.): long swim
wu: 4 x 250 (4 x swim, kick, pull, swim)
main: 1950 ladder: start with 300, then 275,250, 225, ….until 25.
Cd: 200 easy
But I also wanted to do my long run from yesterday:
R: 1.5 hour long run at RPE 2-3 steady.
I really don't want to miss any long runs. I'd hate to end up with a broken foot again.

I started out planning to go running early, take Mindy and Pete in then go up to the gym for my swim. I was getting my running stuff ready last night when I told Pete what I had to do today. He then informed me that he had to go in at 7 so unless I wanted to go running at 5am, I wouldn't be able to do that. He also tore some workouts out of our current Runners World magazine for me to do that strengthen your hips to help you avoid injury. I found this video on their website that helps me understand them a little more. Pete is insisting that I do them before my runs.

I probably should have planned on doing my swim in the morning and my run at night, but I knew that I would end up not doing whatever I planned for in the evening, and I didn't want that to be the run, plus I was just psyched to go running! So I did the run at the gym this morning. I did my new exercises first, and that took about 20 minutes. Then I ran for an hour and a half. I took it pretty easy. I wore my heart-rate monitor, but I forgot my watch so it was pretty much worthless to me and I took it off after a few laps (hopefully discretely). Most of the time I wasn't breathing very hard, though. 

I kept telling myself that I should be able to do 9 miles in 90 minutes and that I would catch up, but as I got to 7 miles I was still behind so I picked up the pace a little. I got to my last 5 minutes, and In Your Honor by Foo Fighters came on. This is such a good ending song! It just builds and builds and you just keep holding yourself back and holding yourself back. Then he says, "for you to feel the life" or something like that, and it just breaks free, and you break free. Then he screams and you feel like screaming, but in a good way. I felt like I was flying, I was smiling, and I seriously about started crying. It was an awesome feeling! If you don't have this song on your running playlist, I would suggest it. Unless you don't want to push yourself too hard. I probably push myself too hard whenever it comes on. Great running song. 

I still didn't finish 9 miles in the 90 minutes, though. I couldn't just stop there, though. I had this goal of doing 9 miles, and I had to finish it. I ran nice and easy for 5 more minutes to finish out the 9 miles. That is if I counted right. That's 81 laps, and I can't say I'm sure I didn't miss a lap here or add one there. But I did about 9 miles, and I got my time in so that was good, and man am I feeling it now! I think I'm mostly sore from those exercises at the beginning, but probably partially from that hard push at the end too. Oh well, it was fun. The kids ended up being in the daycare for a little over 2 hours, and they were actually ready to go when I picked them up.

As for the swim . . . You guessed it, I didn't get to the gym this evening for the swim. Whenever I think about swimming, I really dread it, even though when I'm swimming I enjoy it. I just hate getting all changed, and getting up there, getting cold and everything that goes along with swimming. Thinking about going swimming for 80 minutes just doesn't sound like fun, either. I really wanted to get all my workouts in this week, but since I'm going to be swimming pretty much every day, I'm not too worried about missing one. I'll just rest my tired legs tonight.

For family night, we played Jenga. Elle is really good at this game, it's amazing! She's so careful with what she does. She's usually not the one to knock it down. Ethan is just so antsy when we play it, it drives us crazy! He's jumping and dancing around and bumping the table like crazy. It's usually him that knocks it down. It's interesting to see what qualities games bring out in people.

Also, tonight, we found out my sister is back in the hospital with her heart problems. They are going to be doing the open-heart surgery in probably two weeks. It always seems so sudden when this happens. She was doing just fine last I heard, and just got a great new job that she will not be able to accept any more. Our prayers are with them. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of these problems.

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