Friday, March 6, 2009

Recovery Run?

Today my training plan said this:
R: 60 minute recovery…RPE 3-5.
Now, I don't know about you, but to me, "run" and "recovery" have always been opposites. I wasn't sure how much of a recovery I would have running, and had even thought about doing the long swim, that I skipped on Wednesday, instead. I talked to Pete about it, and we decided that I should try it out and see how it goes. I would just take it really easy.

Since we had a lot of time this morning, I ran with Mindy to school while she road her bike. I didn't realize how cold it was when we first decided this so neither of us wore gloves. Our hands were very cold by the time we got there, and Mindy was saying that the cold was "getting into her fingernails." Luckily, we arrived at the school a few minutes later so the fingernails didn't have to suffer for too long. I just basically ran around on the streets, then down to the Jordan River Parkway Trail for a while. I passed several ducks taking a brisk morning swim, and a couple shopping carts too.... who puts a shopping cart in the river?

It was kind of nice being totally by myself for this run, as opposed to having to weave around other people on the track the whole time. My knee did start hurting after a little while, and I was taking it easy, so I ended up cutting it a little short at 52 minutes. I can't tell you how far I went since I was on that trail, but maybe close to 5 miles.

I feel pretty good right now, though, maybe that was a recovery run!

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