Friday, March 27, 2009

Save Your Pennies, Kids!

Today was scheduled as a day off! 

Last night I was thinking about trading it for Sunday because I have a one and a half hour run scheduled for that day, but then I started noticing that I was sore from my little run yesterday. That helped make up my mind to keep today as a rest day. I think I'll do my Sunday run on Monday.

I had a dream last night that I was with a friend in St. George and her car got broken into. I looked up and saw someone going through a backpack by another car so I yelled, "Hey!" She dropped the backpack and stared running. At this point, I was going to run after her (yes, "her," she was just like a college student) and I was very confident that I would catch her and get my friend's stuff back because I'm such a fast runner now! :) Then I woke up, so I never got the chance to try. I did lay there in bed for 20 minutes thinking about it though. Do you ever do that? Lay there in bed and try to figure out how your dream was going to end?

Anyway, what I did end up doing today was going to the zoo. Yesterday, the kids and I counted the change in our change jar to see if there was enough to buy a year pass to the zoo. They were very good at helping me count. Ethan just loved it, and he counted out several piles of 10 pennies for me, and Mindy did 2 nickel rolls and one dime roll herself. We ended up with about $96 in coins and a pass to the zoo is $90! Actually, there was more than that because I gave each of the kids $2 in pennies. They thought this was so great too.

We had a lot of fun at the zoo even though most of the animals were inside do to the inclement weather (that's what the signs say, I need to start using the word inclement more often). We rode on the carousel and Pete got us cotton candy. Those were the highlights of the trip. And now we have a pass so we can go back whenever we want! This is good since the playground was basically flooded and Elle got her tights soaking wet when she tried to climb onto one of the slides. They love the playground there.

Elle just loved these "cute little monkeys!"

We got a pretty good view of the leopard.

So instead of me going running for an hour and a half, the kids got to run around for a couple hours, and we did some walking. There are some pretty big hills at the zoo and our children we not daunted, lest of all Elle. She is so funny, and when she gets running, her little left arm just gets pumping. It's so cute! I don't know why she only uses one arm. I kind of hope she grows out of it before she's old enough to get made fun of for it, but for now it is just the cutest thing to watch. Pete and I just walk behind her laughing. We sure love that little girl! (Pete got some video of it, I'll see if I can add it later)

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