Sunday, April 5, 2009

11 Weeks to Ironman

I can't believe we're down to 11 weeks! We're getting close to a single digit. That's crazy! 

I was really hoping to have something to report on my fundraising, but I don't. If you've thought about donating, and just haven't had time, why not do it this week (click here!) so I can announce some new numbers next week? :) Also, please tell your friends/family/blog. I would be so happy if you did! 

This week, I've got a LOT of things going on. I really hope I can get all my workouts in. It should be a little easier since it is mostly running, and it's supposed to be warmer for the most part of next week. That's so good, I need some warm weather! Here's what my plan says about next week:
This week's focus is the run. Be careful to stretch well after all sessions and
warm up and down competely--we don't want any injuries to creep up.

Also the 2 intense workouts this week: the run session on Tuesday and the bike
session on Friday.
We spent today in Heber watching General Conference and spending time with my family. We stopped by the hospital in Provo last night on the way to see Sabel. She was doing really well other than being really tired. She is going home tomorrow so that's really good!

My brother was also in Heber with his wife and cute little daughter, Aria. She was so much fun to see. She just turned one, and she is such a character. The kids all loved seeing Aria, their aunt and uncle and their grandpa, of course. I was really happy to see the beautiful mountains that I miss so much. Driving around our old cycling grounds made Pete and I both want to go for a bike ride. It's so fun to ride around there!

The tracks for the Heber Valley Railroad just down the street from my Dad's house.

Throwing rocks into the river. Always a favorite pastime. 

Little Aria loved this puppy!

Cousins playing in the hallway.


  1. Thanks for the reminder one the fundraising thing. I said over a week ago that I was going to donate and then it slipped my mind. I'm going to go donate right now, before I have a chance to forget again.

  2. Wow just 11 more weeks?Sounds exciting isn't it?

    Its good to know your sis will be home soon.Recuperation is always faster in your own home's comforting surroundings.
    dont you think so?


  3. Yes, it is very exciting!

    I agree that recuperating at home will be much better for her. The hospital is always so noisy with people coming in doing things to you all the time.