Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where did spring go?

Last night I stayed up all night (seriously, I don't think I got to sleep until around 3) thinking about our downstairs bathroom. Yesterday I got the bedroom down there painted and it was awesome! Even with the kids "helping" me, I had a great time, and it turned out looking so nice! It looks like a room again, yeah! I've still got to get the bathroom done, though, and I found a shower base for a really good price on our local classified site, but Pete doesn't seem to think it's a good idea. I don't even know how that took all night for me to think about and worry over, but it did. I was so tired this morning, I thought I might skip training today, and maybe take a nap during Elle's nap. I knew that by the time nap time came, however, I would be wide awake and wanting to paint again so I got to work on the bathroom right away. I told Pete to go ahead and take the car, I would run to the school to pick Mindy up.  

Well, in the morning, I decided I needed to do some more mudding, so I just did that, then did a little "gardening" as we like to call it. Really it was just digging up the pretty weeds in the back yard and transplanting them in the front yard. 

I took Ethan to school in the bike trailer then Elle and I went for our ride:
B: 90 min spin at RPE 2-3
She pretty much fell asleep right away, I don't know how she does it considering how bumpy the road was. It was really hard coming back, I think the wind was helping with my strength training again. In an hour and a half I rode 15 miles and my average mph was 11. Pathetic, but anyone who's tried to pull a bike trailer will understand. It doesn't matter how fast I went, just as long as I got a good workout in, which I sure did.

When Elle woke up, I was just about done, and already on my way to see the ducks. Of course. What other reason could we possibly have to go on a bike ride?

We got home, and I had just enough time to do my hip exercises, then I traded my shoes, and got Elle into the stroller for our run:
R: 30 min at RPE 3 with strides.
It is really hard to do strides while pushing the stroller, but I tried to do them every 5 minutes. It was hot too! It was probably 80 degrees today.  Once I got going, it wasn't too bad. I also think the first 10 minutes were uphill so that made it even worse. 

I got to the school at almost exactly 30 minutes, and right on time to pick Ethan up.  He and Elle played on the playground while I stretched, then Mindy got out and we walked home. I think it would have been a nightmare trying to get Elle to stay in the stroller and have them not complain too much, but we stopped at the store on the way, and everyone got a drink so that kept them pretty happy.  It was a beautiful day, I'm glad I got to spend a good amount of time outside.

Oh, and I also bought some travel size sunscreen to put in my bike pack! No more burning for me.

Now for some cleaning, laundry, painting, and . . . do I have time to make myself a treat in there before bed? It's almost 9 now, here I go!

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