Saturday, April 4, 2009

Reverse Tri

I feel bad that I missed the first session of General Conference because of my training today. As I was leaving, Pete was tying to watch it on the internet, but it wasn't working so we have to do it the old fashioned way and listen to the radio. If only I had a little portable radio, I could have listened to it during my workout. I will have to read it later. Here's what I did
reverse tri order, back to back if you can schedule it…
R: 60 minutes easy running
B: 90 minutes easy alternating every 10 minutes from big ring to small.
S: 30 minutes nonstop at RPE 5. This should be a hard effort but only hard
enough where you can maintain the pace for the whole 30 minutes.
When I was getting my stuff ready this morning, it was snowing and I thought about just going to the gym and doing it all inside, but I want to do as many workouts outside as I can so I decided to just toughen up and do it anyway. I did my hour run, and that was fine. I was actually a little too warm when I got done with it.

When I started out on the bike, it had stopped snowing, but after a few minutes, it started again. When I got to North Salt Lake, I started noticing little pin pricks on my face and realized that it was hailing. It was during this hail that I decided that do to the inclement weather, I would not mess around with any hills. I would just get to the gym as fast as I could and not try to get an hour and a half in. 

I got to the gym, and even got my chain out to lock up my bike, when I realized that I wasn't even cold and I had plenty of time. There was no reason why I couldn't just finish the length of time I was supposed to do. I still didn't want to mess around with any hills, though, so I just went up the road the gym is on until it ended. Now I started getting cold, but I got back to the gym at just over 1:30.

I did my swim for 30 minutes, and I was feeling pretty tired, but it was ok. I did 29 laps. Then I did one more on my back for good measure, and too cool down.  I was running a little behind schedule so I hurried to the locker room and showered. Then I looked at my phone to see if Pete had tried to call me, and it was off. I turned it on, and a second later, he called me. I didn't have very good reception in the locker room so I hurried out to see if he was there, and he was just loading my bike onto the Jeep. Perfect timing. 

It was also just time for the second session of conference to start so I've been able to listen to that.  Now we need to go pick Mindy up from ballet, and head up to Heber. We'll stop and see Sabel on the way.


  1. Um. Did you say snowing? Really? I couldn't read any more, i'll have to go back. snowing?? i just can't believe it. i know i probably sound so dumb, but i've only lived here and Hawaii. Our lifeguard towers opened this week,spring break, people are on the beach. in bathing suits. i'm sorry you probably don't want to hear that?! oh my.

  2. Yep, it sure was snowing, but it was kind of a rain/snow, and sometimes hail. None of it stuck to the ground - except for in the mountains. It's supposed to snow next week too.

    How nice it would be to go to the beach! This is the time of year we've usually gone on our fun trips to the beach since we usually go for our anniversary. This year, our trip is to Coeur d'Alene, though, so the beach will have to wait.