Saturday, April 11, 2009

12.8 miles

Training plan for the day (or actually, for Sunday, but I switched it with the swim I was supposed to do today because I wanted to make sure to get my long run in):
Run: 2.5hour long run include some hills, RPE 3. Try to use nutrition which will be available on race day.
This morning I was up bright an early because first Elle came into my room at around 5, then 5:30. After I got her back to bed, Ethan came in at 5:30 with his ears hurting. I gave him his medicine and got him back to bed. Then I had some oatmeal and did the dishes while I let it digest before getting ready to go running. I needed to leave right at 7 because I was planning on running for an hour then meeting up with Pete's aunt, Heather.  She is planning on doing the Florida Ironman next year, I'm doing the Little Red Riding Hood Century with her, and she's one of the coolest people I know. I'm not just saying that because she's a loyal reader of my blog either. :)  

Elle woke up just as I was about to leave, but I put Blue's Clues on for her and let me leave without a fuss. According to Pete, that lasted about half an hour.

I took it super easy for the first hour. I managed to get back to the house at almost exactly 8 where Heather was waiting so I took some Hammer Gel and a drink, then we set off together to do some hills. We ran up The Avenues and if you know Salt Lake at all, you will know that those are not small hills. It was hard work, and at one point I looked at my heart-rate and it was at 180! I was really glad to have her with me because I would have probably whimped out on those hills if I were by myself, but we kept going up for an hour, some parts steeper than others. 

When we got to the "top" I had some more Hammer Gel and water, then we got to turn around and come back down. That was nice. As we were going down a particularly steep part, I was just thinking to my knee, "Don't start hurting, don't start hurting," when she asked me if it was hurting my knee, and it wasn't! I didn't really have any pain at all, it was a really good run!  What a relief that was. If I hadn't planned to run with Heather, I might have just skipped it since my knee was hurting last night, but I'm so glad I went!  

When we were about to where we parted ways, she said, "That last mile was a 9-minute mile." I was like, "Really?! Oh, but we were going downhill." Then she said that our first mile was also 9 minutes. That's pretty cool! I could tell I was running a little faster with her, and I thought I wouldn't be able to keep it up, but I did! She was one step ahead of me most of the time, but she was nice enough not to leave me in the dust! After she turned off, and I started running by myself again, I started to feel that my stomach was hurting and it's been hurting all day. That's the only side-effect from the run, other than being tired and a tiny bit sore, I feel really good.

Thank you again for running with me Aunt Heather, we'll have to do it again sometime! Maybe you can correct me if I'm wrong about the distance here too. According to google maps, I went a total of 12.9 miles (I was guessing 13 based on time and pace and hills so that's probably right). 7.2 of those miles I did with Heather, the rest were solo. I did it all in almost exactly 2.5 hours, maybe 2:35. My average running pace was 11.63 minute miles.

Pete and the kids were gone out for breakfast when I got back so I had plenty of time to stretch good and take a bath and get ready. I was glad when he called me and told me he was taking them to breakfast because it was Ethan's birthday and I kind of felt bad that I wouldn't be there to make him a special birthday breakfast. He's 5 years old today! I'm not going to get into the rest of the day because I really need to go to bed now, and this post is probably long enough anyway! I'll just say that we went to Mindy's ballet and it was really good! It seemed almost a professional ballet, and Min was just so cute and did a great job as a pearl oyster.

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