Sunday, April 26, 2009

8 Weeks to Ironman

You wanna know something crazy? I only have 8 weeks until the Ironman! This week starts "Base 3" in my training schedule. I'm going to be putting in a LOT of hours this next month. My peek being 18 hours in a week. I'm feeling better today, but not great, I hope I'm up to working out again tomorrow.

What am I going to do with myself when this is all over? What will I do with all my time, and will I still be motivated to workout? These are the questions.

I'm thinking I'll want to keep doing triathlons, but just Sprint or Olympic distance. That way it's more just for fun and I don't have to base my whole life around it, but I'll still have something to work towards. Pete and I would both like to get back into rock climbing too. Maybe that will be a good goal. At least there are climbing gyms around here. That was one problem with St. George, though St. George has awesome outdoor climbing all over! 

It's crazy the things you miss out on when you're in a certain place. It's like how I grew up in Heber, and even worked in Park City at a ski resort, and yet, I've never been skiing. People think something is wrong with me. It has never appealed to me, though. Not enough to go through all the trouble of doing it. It's weird because skiing is what brought my mom to Utah in the first place. If I were her, I would have stayed in California! :) But it's easy to say that in my position. I'm sure glad she did come to Utah so she could find out about The Gospel and meet my dad.

We went up to Heber today for my Dad's birthday party. It sure is beautiful in that valley. It was snowing coming over the mountain, but as we came down into the valley it was all green and picturesque. If only it were feasible for us to live there! We had a great time, and everyone was sad to leave. Back to life tomorrow. See you then.

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