Saturday, April 25, 2009

World Malaria Day

Today is World Malaria Day. What better way to observe this day then to buy a net or two for those who are in danger of catching this deadly disease? Go to to make your donation today! We're up to 22 nets, by the way!

Speaking of being sick, that's about all I did today.

It started at about 3 in the morning when Mindy came and stood in my doorway, then started throwing up. I felt pretty grossed out and sick cleaning up after her, and sure enough, right when I got her back into bed, it was my turn. I'd been kind of waiting for everyone else to get the flu since Ethan and Elle had it a few days ago. It's crazy how suddenly it hits you, though! Both of us spent the rest of the mourning feeling really crappy and getting rid of all the food we had in our stomaches. 

I'm so grateful that Pete was home and able to take care of the kids in the morning. He did a great job of keeping them quite and out of my room. He also took Ethan and Elle to pick up our food co-op order. I'm glad we didn't miss that again! Mindy watched Ella Enchanted 3 times in a row. I watched the second half of it with her on her 3rd time around, but then I had to go get back in bed. 

I figured this was as good an excuse as any not to go ride in the rain for 5 hours. I was a little bit relieved about that, but then when I finally ventured out of my bed at about 4pm and looked out the window, it was all dry outside! It probably would have been perfect weather for a ride! Who knows, it could have been pouring rain 30 miles away, though.  If I would have known I would be sick today, I would have done my workouts yesterday like a good girl. Oh well, I'm sure it will be fine. That long ride wasn't even scheduled for today, I was just going to do it because I'm missing a long ride to do the St. George Tri. I'll figure something out.

Around the time I got up at 4, Pete started feeling sick so we switched places laying in bed and taking care of the kids, though I still did my share of laying in bed. I had to psych myself out to go make soup for dinner. I imagined myself washing the pan, then opening the cans (luckily they were pull-tops) and dumping them in.  I did that, then laid back down while it cooked. I could hear the kids getting all excited about the soup out there too. "Mmmm, it smells so good!" "I'm so excited to eat it!" I'm glad they were excited about it. :) 

The kids were really good today, and I was so glad that Mindy was feeling better by the time Pete started feeling sick because she helped keep Elle happy. I just have the best kids! After dinner they watched more movies and I laid in bed again until it was absolutely time to get them ready for bed. Pete did most of that anyway. He even read to them in-between throwing up! My hero! I felt like such a baby and just couldn't do much for most of the day. I'm so grateful to Pete for everything he did today. He's the best husband in the world and such a good dad! 

I'm glad I'm feeling mostly better now. I think I will actually try to muster enough energy to go wash the dishes.

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