Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shopping Day

A BIG thank you to whoever donated $50 to Against Malaria yesterday! (Another anonymous) We are now up to 39 nets! Almost only 100 to go. I can see myself saying that when I get to mile 39 of the Ironman too!

Today was a day off from my training schedule. The thought came into my mind that I should do the swim that I missed on Monday or something, but this is what my training plan says about that:
With these long hours, don’t worry if you have to skip workouts due to fatigue or schedule conflicts—in the greater scheme, you won’t lose much at all by missing a workout here and there. Just continue on the next day and don’t reschedule missed workouts.
So, a day off is a day off.

I decided to go shopping to try and find something to wear for our family photo shoot on Saturday. I know it's a crime against womanhood, but I hate shopping! Well, I guess I would like it if I had all the time in the world to look around and try on whatever I wanted. I hate Ethan and Elle with me, though. They were either climbing up on the platforms, almost knocking mannequins down, putting jewelry on the floor, or opening the door/curtain of my changing room while I'm in the middle of changing.  If it wasn't that, they were crying about being hungry or tired or not wanting to go into another store. Ug, it was a mess, I don't know why I even attempt it.

I have also been meaning to get my hair done (for the same reason I need a new outfit), and I haven't found a place in Salt Lake yet. I've just been going to my girl in Heber who I really like, but that's just too inconvenient, and I needed to get it done before Saturday so I was keeping my eye open for a salon. There was one in the mall so I went in to see if they had any openings today. They did, and I scheduled an appointment for 3:00, thinking I'd be able to pick Mindy up from school, drop them all off somewhere, then hurry back for my appointment. 

Ethan said he was still feeling sick so I let him skip school again, even though I knew very well that he was just fine. Better safe than sorry. We went home, and Elle napped while I got all stressed out about trying to find someone to take my kids for 3 hours so I could get my hair done. After a few calls, I found someone, though, and I told her I'd meet her at the school since Mindy wouldn't have known if she were to just pick her up. She ended up being late to the school, though, so I was late heading out for my appointment. I hurried as fast as I could to get there, and rushed in. The ladies at the counter just sent me back so I went back to the salon and the girl there just looks at me like I'm crazy and asks if she can help me. I told her I had an appointment. 

"For what time?" I told her 3:00 and she said, "You're much too late. You'll have to reschedule." I looked at the clock and I was half an hour late, but reschedule?? I had scheduled 2 and a half hours. What was she going to do with 2 hours that were left, just sit there? After I went through all that trouble of getting someone to watch my kids and coming all the way back down here? I was not going to reschedule.  You'd think she would have tried to work something out with me, but she acted like that was the only option. 

I just walked out and would have left if the lady at the counter hadn't asked me what happened. I told her that they kicked me out, and she said, "What? Hold on, let me go see if we can work something out." So, she went and talked to the girl, then came and got me. She said she would start on my hair, but she might not be able to style it. I told her that was fine, I didn't care about getting it styled. I was kind of tempted to just not have her do my hair because I was so mad, but I really wanted to get it done so I went back and sat down. It took me about half an hour of sitting there trying to control my emotions, before I was back to normal and we started chatting a little. She seemed nice enough after that, and she did a good job. I was a little worried she would mess my hair up out of spite, but that was just my overactive imagination.

Well, now it's 11:00 and I still don't have a dress for the photo shoot. I really like this one, but I hate to buy something without being able to try it on. I will try one more time tomorrow, and if I don't find anything, I will order it. Any ideas on where to go to find a cute dress? Anyone have something I can just borrow? :)

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  1. I'm glad to see you're having some sucess with your fundraiser.