Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Swimming Rocks

Last night I put an ice pack on my knee when I went to bed for about half an hour. Then I moved it to my back which felt really good, but for some reason during the middle of the night I took it off. (Who knows why we do things in the middle of the night? Maybe it was actually bothering me to have something touching it, I don't know.) After that, I couldn't sleep because my sunburn kept hurting. Of course, this was one of the rare nights that Elle slept all night (Thank you!) and I didn't really get to enjoy it as much as I should have. Oh well, let's hope for a repeat sleep performance (on her part) tonight.

Here's a picture so you can see I'm not being a complete baby about it. When I was riding, I pictured getting just a little burn line, but it looks like more of my back was showing than I thought. This is somewhere that usually doesn't see the sun so having it totally exposed for 4.5 hours was really dumb. I guess any part of me, even the parts that are used to seeing the sun, would have been fried after that long, though. I should know this, I get sunburnt every year, and every year I say, "When will I learn?"

Moving on though, here was my plan for today:
10 x 200 (50 Easy, 50 Build, 50 Easy, 50Hard)
250 easy
I didn't feel like swimming this morning. I was kind of in a bad mood. You know how being in pain can kind of make you in a bad mood? At least it does that to me. I knew I would be happy once I got started, though.

I couldn't get the printer to work as we were trying to leave so I had to just go off of memory for this workout, which wasn't too hard. I ended up doing 200 to warm up firs and only 100 to cool down at the end. 

My 200s weren't very consistent. They ranged from 3:45 to 4:00. It wasn't until half-way through my 7th set that I realized I wasn't counting my strokes, so I tried to be more diligent with that afterwards. I had been thinking too much about my blog, and how someone else donated to Against Malaria!! Yeah! Thank you, Heidi!  We are now up to 23 nets!

I was so distracted, in fact, that I didn't notice the people in the lanes next to me at all. Usually I kind of keep an eye on how fast they are going to compare myself to them, but I was in my own little world today. At one break in-between sets, the older man next to me all of a sudden says, "I was thinking you two were sisters." Then I notice that the girl in the lane to my other side was just leaving. He said, "You were swimming so close to each other, I thought you must be sisters." Weird. I was just like, "Nope." I don't ever know what to say to people in a situation like that. Then he said that I was going a little bit faster, though. How nice! :) 

He talked to me one more time before I left and asked me if I'd gotten to 100 laps yet. I told him, no, that I'd done about 40. He told me how he was happy to make it to 20. I told him I remembered when I couldn't do 20. He told me I was a good swimmer. It's pretty cool to start out so bad at something, then be able to see such a big improvement! I remember, when I first started, the most laps I could do in a row was 7 or 8. Then I just started adding a lap every time I went. Now here I am. Swimming is great!

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