Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Dr. Seuss

The great news is that my sister is doing really well. She's been sitting in a chair and up and walking around most of the day today! Who knew you could do that the day after open-heart surgery!? It is supposed to help her recover faster. She's being very tough, so I hear. I haven't been down to visit her yet.

Yesterday, Pete came home and told me that he heard about a lady who got her kids taken away because she had them in the basement with too small of windows. Well, don't tell any social workers, but Mindy and Ethan have been sleeping in the basement and their windows are not to code. (This is what happens when you buy a 100-year-old house) So, we decided, more for their safety then out of fear of them being taken away, that we would move them back upstairs and put them all in the same room again. This is how we had it when we first moved in, and they were all actually very excited to share a room again. Last night they just slept on their sleeping bags, but today we got the bunk bed all moved up and they are all sleeping peacefully now. That isn't to say that it didn't take them an hour longer to get to sleep because they kept bother each other.  Hopefully they'll get over the novelty of it and get back into their good sleeping habits soon. Well, at least Mindy and Ethan have good sleeping habits . . . I hope Elle doesn't rub off on them too much.

Today I was stressing about how in the world I was going to do both of my workouts because yesterday's swim was supposed to only take 45 minutes, and it took me 2 hours. Today my swim was listed as taking 74 minutes! Here's my plan for the day:
Swim: long day
wu: 300 swim, 300 kick
main: 1 x 1750, RPE 4 (alternate 1 x 1000)
cd: 4 x 50, each slower than last

Run: 30 minutes with strides. RPE 3.
Pete didn't need to be in to work until 9:30, so after I dropped Mindy off, I hurried and did my little run outside. Man, it is hard running outside! And why is it that I can run for an hour and a half on the track without needing to go to the bathroom, but I can't go 20 minutes outside? I did manage to make it through my whole run today without having to stop, but I was definitely not as comfortable as on the track. Plus there were the elements (very windy at times!) and the variations on the sidewalk to worry about. I got my heart-rate up to 180 (yikes!) on some of my strides, but I still didn't feel like I was going very fast. 

Even with all this, though, I managed to do exactly 3 miles in the 30 minutes. I guess that's pretty good considering how much harder it felt. I really need to get running outside more.

When I got home, I took Pete to work, then headed up to the gym to do my swim. I totally planned to have the kids in the daycare for 2 hours again, and I was worried I would have to cut it short so Ethan wouldn't be late for preschool so I did the alternate 1x1000. Doing that, it wasn't actually what I would call a long day at all. It was just warm up then do 20 laps. No biggie. I felt really good while I was swimming, and did the 1000 in 21 minutes. I was only in the pool for 45 minutes, and had the kids out of the daycare after just over an hour!

To count my laps I used letters, and ended up reciting Dr. Seuss's ABC book to myself. This was nice because I didn't have to think too hard (I have read this book sooo many times, Elle loves ABC books), and I didn't even worry about counting strokes the whole time. I just focused on reaching as far as I could, and enjoying the ride. I ended on T which is the one about 10 tired turtles. I thought this was very fitting since I just finished 10 100s and I was swimming like a turtle. :)

What is your favorite letter in that book? (Since, I know you all must be well versed in Dr. Seuss.) I'd have to say my favorite is O:
O is very useful.
You use it when you say:
"Oscar's only ostrich
an orange owl today."
Though, I always did like M too about the mice "making midnight music in the moonlight". It's "mighty nice."

Have a good night! Oh, and don't start reading Island of the Blue Dolphins unless you want to cry a little and get sucked into reading for a lot longer than you had planned.

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