Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blogging and Me

I started this blog, in part, to promote my race charity: Against Malaria. It has been a long road, and sometimes I've felt like it's not really worth it because people don't want to give money to someone they don't even know for a cause that is so far away. It is such a good cause, though, and you even get to see where your nets go! Just think about all those little babies with fevers and getting all shaky and weak. All because of a stupid little bug. It just makes me want to cry. And a net is just $5! (Click here to donate!)

Well, today my blogging has paid off a little bit because I got an awesome mention on one of my favorite blogs:

The author, Angie, has set the daunting goal for herself to read one whole book every day for a year. So far she has done a great job of this, and she writes about her reaction to the book every night. She is very funny, easy to read, and also informative. Go check her out.

Ok, now back to me. Me, me, ME! 

Last night was another bad one because Elle and Ethan both decided to start throwing up all over for no good reason at about 11:30. Luckily I was able to get them back to sleep after an hour or so. Poor little things. We decided, last night, that we would just keep Mindy home from school just in case. But then this morning, after we'd all slept in until half an hour after school starts, we informed her of this decision, and she just started to cry. She was so sad! Here is a girl who loves school! I hope it stays that way for her. I decided, that since she showed no signs of being sick that I could take her in. She was an hour late, but she was so happy to go!

Here was my plan for the day:
S: recovery
4 x 300 (300 easy, 300 kick, 300 easy, 300 pull)

R: 45 minutes at RPE3 run in reverse direction as yesterday.
Since Ethan and Elle were sick, even though they weren't throwing up any more, I couldn't really go to the gym with them so I thought today would just be a day off. That was a pretty dinky little swim too, would it even be worth it to go all the way to the pool for half an hour? 

Instead, I put the babies (we use this term loosely around here, Ethan's almost as big as me now!) on the couch with Max and Ruby, then painted the bathroom! Yeah! Watching hours of DIY, Flip That House, and whatever home renovation show I could find, actually did me some good. I knew how to paint along the corners so there would be a nice line between the white and the beige, and it was fun practicing that. The only bad thing was that I ran out of paint so it's not looking as nice as I would have liked with the green drywall still showing in some places. I will have to get more paint, but knowing me, it will take a good 6 months to get around to doing that. Oh well.

When it was time to pick Pete up, he called and suggested I just wear my running clothes so I could run home. This was an excellent idea. We drove a little ways so I would be farther away, then he dropped me off and I started runnig. It was a good run. It was really warm today, but it was now overcast and windy so it was nice and cool. I even thought it would start raining on me at one point. I ran for 45 minutes, and my watch was driving me crazy! Elle somehow did something to it that lowered my max or raised me min heart-rate or something because it pretty much just beeped the whole time. I'll have to get Pete to look at that. 

Anyway, I probably did . . . 4.4 miles. It's hard to know for sure because I went on the Jordan River Trail which google maps doesn't follow. Dang you google! 

It's supposed to be rainy for the next week. I planted some of my little vegetable starts, I hope they don't die! They looked pretty pathetic by the time I got them all into the garden. The rain will be good for them right? That's why I planted them today.

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