Thursday, April 9, 2009


Training plan for today:
Run: 75 minutes solid endurance of RPE 3-4. Stretch, stretch, stretch!

Swim: wu: 3 x 150
main: 1900 ladder (300, 275, 250…etc)
cool down: 4 x 50
I did not do it. I really need a vacation!

I set my alarm to go off at 5am so I could go running first thing, but then in the middle of the night I noticed that it was pouring rain outside. I told myself that if it was still pouring like that when the alarm went off, I would just go back to sleep and do my run later. Well, you guessed it, when I woke up at 5, all I could hear was the rain falling on the roof. I love that sound. I went back to sleep.

The plan was to just do the run later, but with feeling sick and having my knee still hurting, and with Pete's encouragement, I decided to take a day off. This is not an easy thing for me to do. At first it was really nice. I got the kitchen all clean and did some laundry, but then I was wondering what to do with myself. Or at least, I felt like I wasn't doing what I was supposed to be doing so I was feeling depressed and stressed out about that.

Pete thinks I'm getting burnt out, and he's even more worried than me about my sore knee. He said he talked to some guys today (I have no idea what credentials these guys have . . .) about what it means to be sore under you knee cap. One of them said it was probably just some bruising or something, nothing serious, but the other one said it could be really serious and that I should talk to a surgeon about it. What?! I really think (and hope) it's nothing, but do I risk not going to see someone? And do I risk running on it again tomorrow?? It really doesn't hurt that much, I hardly even notice it now, and I told Pete that, but he's still worried. This makes me worry, of course. I still have a lot of serious running to do before I can take a break.

So, I wasn't going to run today, but I thought I could still at least do the swim. I didn't end up having time, though, because it was Mindy's dress rehearsal for the Alice in Wonderland ballet and it's all the way up in Ogden which is 35 minutes away. How annoying is that? So, I had to go drop her off at 3, then halfway home, I realized that I wasn't going to be able to make it back in time to take her to dinner with rush-hour traffic and everything. I had packed her some crackers and an apple, but not really a dinner. This was a huge a huge stress. Ethan was feeling sick and Elle was crying so I just wanted to get them home, but I didn't want Mindy to be sad and hungry later. Finally, after talking to Pete about it, I decided to just let it be, and if she was hungry when I picked her up we could go get something.

I picked her up at 9, and she was totally happy, all covered in blue eye shadow. I hardly recognized her. It turned out that one of her friends shared her lunchable with her and even gave her the juice that came with it. How nice hu?  She didn't seem to be upset about it at all, she just said, "We needed to pack a dinner, not a snack." She actually had fun, which was a huge relief. I mean, 6 hours is a long time for a 6-year-old. Of course she would love spending 6 hours with her friends, though, now that I think about it.  

Tomorrow is the performance (at 7:30 at Peery's Egyptian Theater in Ogden if anyone wants to come . . .), and she will be there for almost as long (from 4 to 9 I think) so I will make sure to pack her something more substantial. Of course, we'll be there to watch her tomorrow, though. I'm excited to see it, she's going to be so cute as a pearl oyster. I'll let you know how it goes. (I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seats about it.)

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  1. Colleen:I am a physiotherapist so I would advice you to go to the doc asap!Running can sometimes inflame the bursa's in and around the knee cap.Plz dont neglect it.You have come this far!

    love chaitra