Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Rain -At Least It's Not Snow

Today it was rainy and cold pretty much all day. I could have ridden in it, I probably should have ridden in it, it would have been good for me, but I opted for a trainer ride today. I just wanted to stay home and relax with the kids and get the house clean today. Here's what my training plan says:
Bike: 90 minutes at RPE 4 on trainer or road. 

Try to maintain aero posture during middle 40 minutes. Take your tools along and stop for adjustments as necessary to keep comfortable position without sacrificing power. You'll find that this position will vary as your flexibility and strength changes. Keep notes in your log of adjustments fur reference. 

We'll do this again at the end of the week to test positioning.
Ok, so I didn't take my tools along to make any adjustments. I don't want to mess anything up, and I usually feel pretty comfortable on my bike, except when I'm on the trainer. I did try to stay in the areo bars for as long as I could. I was watching movies with the kids so I probably wasn't working as hard as I could have. 


  1. That's ok i guess.Everyone needs a break some time.And you have been working hard.!!

  2. Amazingly enough I was able to find a book about Malaria that actual sounds interesting (who would have ever thought a book like that existed). It's called: First Comes Love, Then Comes Malaria: How a Peace Corps Poster Boy Won My Heart and a Third World Adventure Changed My Life.

    So I'm thinking about reading that book for the special blog entry. Or, I could do both books, one this month and another one next month. That could work too. Either way, I'll probably do the special entry at the end of this week or the beginning of next week, depending on how soon I can get the books from the library.

  3. Oh, that book sounds perfect! You don't have to read my suggestions, I was just trying to be helpful. If you wanted to, though, that would be great. :) The more publicity the better!

  4. Colleen: I can read your suggestion too. I'm just toying with the idea of doing more than one special entry, because it seems as if I get new followers/readers all the time. So if I do one this month you might get some donations, and then next month maybe some of the new people will donate as well.