Friday, April 10, 2009


Today was one of those days where I hardly had time to breath between all the things I had to do.

Here is my training plan for the day:
Run: 60 minutes easy run.
Bike: 120 minutes:
warm up: 15 minutes RPE 3
main: 6x (12t, 3r) 12t at RPE 5-7, 3r at RPE 2
cool down: 15 minutes easy spin RPE 2
I slept in this morning, or I guess I didn't since I get up at 7:30 instead of 7 pretty much every morning. The nice thing is that the neighbor starts honking his horn every morning at almost exactly 7:30 so, even if I turn my alarm off, I know what time to get up. It was really hard to get Mindy to get up and get ready for school, though. She was really tired from her late-night rehearsal.

I dropped her off and realized that it was the perfect weather for running, and I also realized that I wanted to go for a run. Pete told me yesterday not to go running because I feel like I need to, but because I want to and feel good. I was feeling good so I went out for my easy hour run as soon as I got home. Well, not as soon as I got home, as soon as I got home, cleaned up a puddle of pee and gave Elle a bath.

It was a really nice run. I felt really good, no pain or anything. I told myself that I would turn around and come home at any sign of knee pain, but they felt good. It was beautiful weather, and a lot of the trees are blooming now so that was really pretty to look at. I wore my tri shorts for the second time. Last time they were just fine, but today they did rub and leave little sore spots on my legs. I'm still trying to decided about those shorts . . . 

When I got home, I was going to put Ethan and Elle in the bike trailer to do my ride, but then I had to take Pete to work so I wouldn't have time to do that and ride my bike before it was time to pick Mindy up. Ethan was crying and in a lot of pain with an earache so I decided to hurry and take him to an instacare before picking Mindy up. I barely had time to do that, and I actually ended up calling her teacher to tell her I would be a little late. Her teacher told me she would just keep her in the classroom until I got there, so that worked out really well. She didn't have to wait more than 5 or 10 minutes, and I now had a prescription for Ethan.

By now I was really hungry, so we went home and had some PB&J, then I put my bike on the trainer to do my ride inside (since the bike trailer wasn't an option anymore with 3 kids at home). We watched Spiderwick Chronicles while I rode, and it was just the right length since I thought I was supposed to ride for an hour and a half, I wouldn't have had time to go longer anyway. It was maybe a tad too scary for the younger kids, but Mindy liked it, even though she had to hid her eyes at one point.

When I got done with that, I hurried and stretched (though not enough) then got everyone ready to go, cleaned up more pee, put diaper on that baby, and headed to the store to get Ethan's prescription filled and something for Min to bring for dinner.

It took longer than I had planned waiting for the prescription, and then they gave me pills! For a 4-year-old! I didn't really have time to argue about it, and they were really busy so we just hurried out to the car where I tried to get Ethan to swallow one of his pills, but to no avail. I only ended up getting him mad and having him yell at me and tell me that he hates me until he fell asleep as we drove up to Ogden.

Of course, we were already late, and it was now rush hour traffic so I was really frustrated by that. By the time I got her there, it was almost an hour past when she was supposed to be there. It was ok, though, because there were still 3 girls in her group waiting to get their hair done so she just went with them. She was really nervous when I left her, and I had hoped to make it back to watch it tonight, but by the time I got home I realized this wasn't going to happen. It was probably better this way since Ethan is so miserable. I finally did get him to take his pill by getting him a juice at a gas station, opening the pill, and dumping it into the juice. I guess we'll just have to do that with all of them. 

After dinner and bed-time books, Pete was a life-saver and went to get Mindy so I could stretch some more and take a bath (finally! I didn't actually get dressed all day) since I was feeling pretty sore. I've got ice on my knee right now, and I really need to get to bed so I can wake up early for my run tomorrow. The house is a mess and there's still so much I want to fit into this day, but it's not going to happen. 


  1. wow you are so busy sister. Why does your neighbor honk the horn every morning. it seems like a pretty inconsiderate thing to do. but I guess some people are just like that. Keep up the good work.

  2. I think he honks the horn to get his teen-age daughter to come out so he cane take her to school. It is really annoying sometimes, but they're really nice people so I try to look at the bright side. I don't want to sleep past 7:30 on a school day anyway. . . well, want is a strong word.