Tuesday, April 21, 2009

St. George Tri - Here I Come!

I just got an email with a promotional video for the St. George Tri. This is totally from last year. You can tell by watching the sand blow across the bike course, and in the runners faces. And watch for that helicopter circling over the swim. That was us it was watching. I kept hoping it would show the last 2 girls emerging from the water on shaky legs and hugging each other because they were so happy to be alive! But it's not in there. My heart did start racing just watching that video, though. I will be there again in 2 1/2 weeks! I'm going to tear up that course this year! (Read about last year's St. George Tri)


  1. Hi Colleen. The book I was going to use for the special post still hasn't shown up, so I decided to just find a replacement book and when the book I was originally planning to use finally shows up I'll do a second special post.

    So I'll be doing the special malaria post tomorrow.

  2. Cool! Thanks for letting me know.